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IBM Spectrum Control 5.4.6 and Db2 11.5: Applying the fix pack for Apache Log4j 2.x

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How can I download and apply the fix pack for Db2 11.5.6 that includes the security fix for Apache Log4j 2.x vulnerabilities?


If you run any vulnerable fix pack level of Db2 11.5, you can download the special build containing the interim fix for this issue from IBM Fix Central. These special builds are available based on the most recent fix pack level for the V11.5.6 and V11.5.7 releases. You can apply them to any affected fix pack level of the appropriate release to remediate this vulnerability.
For more information about Db2 and the security fix for Apache Log4j vulnerabilities, see


To download and install the fix pack for Db2 11.5.6, you must complete these steps:
  1. In IBM Fix Central, download the Db2 11.5.6 fix pack and apply it your Db2 environment.
  2. In Passport Advantage Online, download the license for the Db2 11.5.6 fix pack.
  3. Apply the license that you downloaded from Passport Advantage Online. This license also works for Db2 11.5.7.

1 Download the Db2 fix pack from IBM Fix Central

To download the Db2 fix pack with the security update, complete the following steps:
  1. Go to the Db2 security bulletin related to Apache Log4j vulnerabilities at
  2. Scroll to the Remediation / Fixes section.
  3. Click the Download URL for the OS where your Db2 is installed. The entry for the fix pack is automatically selected.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Log in with your IBM ID and password.
  6. Select the download method that you want to use and click Continue.
  7. To download the fix pack, click Download now and follow the prompts.
  8. Apply the fix pack to your Db2 environment. For information about how to apply a Db2 fix pack, see

2 Download the Db2 license from Passport Advantage Online

To download the license for the Db2 fix pack from Passport Advantage Online, complete the following steps:
  1. Go to IBM Passport Advantage Online , click Customer sign in, and sign in by using your IBM ID and password.
  2. On the Software and services online page, click Software download & media access.
  3. In Find by part number, enter G01LWML.
  4. On the product download page, ensure that the Required check box is selected, and then click Download.

3 Apply the Db2 license

The Db2 11.5 license doesn't need to be re-applied when you upgrade from 11.5.x to 11.5.7 or later. The Db2 11.5 license must be applied when you upgrade from DB2 11.1.x to Db2 11.5.x.
For more information about how to apply the Db2 license and activate the fix pack that you downloaded, see

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31 March 2022