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Documentation required for RESTAPI related cases



Some issue involving RESTAPI not functioning as desired is reported.  What documentation should be collected for troubleshooting? 


RESTAPI related issue


This set of documentation is useful for any RESTAPI issue:
(1) The api executed and json body provided in it
(2) The trace.log file from ZConnector with active traces. A sample trace.xml file is provided in the "Diagnosing the problem" section below, this can be used to activate traces on ZConnector. Deploy this file in configDropins/overrides folder just for the time you need to reproduce the scenario and then remove it (Liberty will update traces configuration immediately with no need for restart)
Usually the EQQMLOG from controller/server tasked are not needed (however it does not hurt to collect these files any way)

Diagnosing The Problem

This trace.xml file contents can be used:
<server description="enableTraces">
    <variable name="trace.specification" 
    <!--  VALUE SAMPLES -->
    tws_all -> "*=all:org.apache.wink.server.*=all"
    tws_alldefault -> "*=error=enabled"
    tws_broker_all ->"*=all:TWSAgent=all"
    tws_rest -> "**=all:org.apache.wink.server.*=all"
    tws_cli -> "**=all"
    tws_utils -> "*=all"
    tws_conn -> "****=all"
    tws_db -> "**=all"
    tws_planner -> "*=all:com.tivoli.icalendar.****=all"
    tws_secjni -> "**=all"
    tws_engine_broker_all -> "**=all:TWSAgent=all"
    <logging traceSpecification="${trace.specification}" traceFileName="trace.log"
         maxFileSize="20" maxFiles="10" traceFormat="ENHANCED"/>

Resolving The Problem

Use the documentation mentioned in the "Environment" section above to resolve the issue.  

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16 February 2022