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In a typical deployment, the IBM Cloud Object Storage System supports up to 1,500 Vaults and their associated S3 buckets. For most customers this is more than enough. However, for service providers or customers who provide Storage as a Service of IT, it is insufficient. It is for these reasons the Container Vault, also called “Container Mode”, was developed. In a Container Vault, the Vault and the S3 bucket are decoupled, and the S3 bucket is subordinate to the Container Vault, thus enabling millions of S3 buckets. Customers can now deploy Standard Vaults and Container Vaults as needed within the global object storage system. This session will provide the Container Vault overview as well as a deeper dive into how Container Vaults form the underpinnings of the Storage as a Service offering. A live demo and a Container Vaults Made Simple document will be included in the session.


Date: Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

Speaker:  John Shubeck, Senior Storage Technical Specialist and Norm Bogard,  Senior Storage Technical Specialist
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