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Does IBM MQ ship Apache Log4J?

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Does IBM MQ ship Apache Log4J?


IBM MQ ships the Fabric Gateway components as a pre-requisite to the IBM MQ Blockchain Bridge. The Fabric Gateway includes Apache Log4J version 2 as one of its own pre-requisites.
The IBM MQ Blockchain Bridge is shipped as part of IBM MQ on Linux x86-64 only, under the MQSeriesBCBridge RPM package. The Fabric Gateway is included in versions of the IBM MQ Blockchain Bridge from 9.1.4 CD onwards, including 9.2.0 LTS.
Other IBM MQ installable components do not ship Apache Log4J.
Note: IBM MQ Explorer and IBM MQ Managed File Transfer (MFT) include libraries from the Apache Ant project. This includes a library called ant-apache-log4j.jar, which is a connector library to allow Ant to connect to a log4J agent installed independently, and does not contain Log4J code itself.
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