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How to install the DWC on z/OS (Release 9.5 Fix pack 4 )

How To


Describe in detail how to download and install the DWC under z/OS ( zliberty)


Installed DWC on z/OS 


z/OS with z Workload Scheduler 9.3 or higher installed


(A) Create two ZFS files, one to hold the pax file needed for the install (from FIX CENTRAL) and the other
to hold the data created by the install itself (dwcinst script)
For example:
For PAX: 
//STEP1    EXEC PGM=IDCAMS                          
//SYSPRINT DD   SYSOUT=*                            
//SYSIN    DD   *                                   
          VOLUMES(I#US04) -                         
          LINEAR CYL(3300 1000) SHAREOPTIONS(2))    
//STEP2    EXEC PGM=IOEAGFMT,REGION=0M,             
//  PARM=('-aggregate ZWS.DWC.ZFS -compat')      
//SYSPRINT DD   SYSOUT=*                            
//STDOUT   DD   SYSOUT=*                            
//STDERR   DD   SYSOUT=*                            
//SYSUDUMP DD   SYSOUT=*                            
//STEP1    EXEC PGM=IDCAMS                          
//SYSPRINT DD   SYSOUT=*                            
//SYSIN    DD   *                                   
          VOLUMES(I#US04) -                         
          DATACLAS(DCEXT)  -                        
          LINEAR CYL(6000 2000) SHAREOPTIONS(2))    
//STEP2    EXEC PGM=IOEAGFMT,REGION=0M,             
//  PARM=('-aggregate ZWS.DWCFP4.ZFS -compat')      
//SYSPRINT DD   SYSOUT=*                            
//STDOUT   DD   SYSOUT=*                            
//STDERR   DD   SYSOUT=*                            
//SYSUDUMP DD   SYSOUT=*                            
Note:  DATACLAS(DCEXT) is one to allow VSAM extended datasets (DSNTYPE=LARGE)  
(B) Create directories with MKDIR as needed, so that you can mount the two ZFS files
(C) Do the MOUNTS:  (with MOUNT command from ISPF, or BPXPRMxx parmlib member)
 MOUNT FILESYSTEM('ZWS.DWC.ZFS')                      
 MOUNT FILESYSTEM('ZWS.DWCFP4.ZFS')                     
(D) Follow this installation procedure:
The pax file is now available on the FIX CENTRAL download site:
In the box:
Search all IBM for Fix Metadata
Put this name:
(Release date should be 2021/09/11)
And you should be able to download the file using DOWNLOAD DIRECTORY or BROWSER (HTTPS) or FTP.
The file is about 1.02 GB in size.
Once you have the pax file you can follow these steps to install it:

1. Upload (FTP)  the file 9.5.0-IBM-DWC-Zsystem-FP0004.pax into LPAR where DWC will be installed
(the directory /var/ZWS950/DWCPAX in the example above, as file DWC-Zsystem-FP0004.pax) 
2. Run these commands to "unpax" the file:
   cd  /var/ZWS950/DWCPAX 
   pax -rf DWC-Zsystem-FP0004.pax 
NOTE:  At this point if you want to use a database other than the default DERBY,
       you have to run the configureDb before the dwcinst script. If you want to use DB2,
       APAR IJ31250 needs to be followed:  CHANGES AND CLARIFICATION NEEDED FOR                         
         In configureDbDb2z.template there are two parameter values   
         IWS_TSNAME and IWS_TS_PATH which have the default value of   
         TWS_DATA however DB2 on z/OS does not allow the underscore   
         character in a tablespace name.  This was bypassed by using  
         TWSDATA instead of TWS_DATA for the value. 
3. Ensure that the MAXASSIZE parameter is correctly set (suggested value is 2147483647), otherwise run the command: altuser user_name omvs(assizemax(2147483647))

4. Ensure that the CPUTIMEMAX parameter is correctly set (suggested value is 915827882), otherwise run the command: altuser user_name omvs(cputimemax(915827882))
5. From ISPF command shell put the OMVS command to set the JAVA Environment variable:
export PATH
6. Point to the directory where the image was unpacked: cd  /var/ZWS950/DWCPAX
7. Run the installation command like in the below example and ensure that the path used as inst_dir is different from the one used to unpack the image in step 2 above: --acceptlicense yes --user dwcadmin --password dwcadmin --inst_dir /var/ZWS950/DWC95FP4 --wlpdir liberty_inst_dir
Note: As an alternative it is possible to copy the template file stored in the package, modify it and run the installation
using this command from /var/ZWS950/DWC95FP4 :
./ -f
Use /var/ZWS950/DWC95FP4 as folder where DWC-Zsystem-FP0004.pax is unpacked
Use /var/ZWS950/DWC95FP4 as the folder that contains the file  (copied from dwcinst.template) and then modified as needed 
Use /var/ZWS950/DWC95FP4 as inst_dir
Note:  It is ALSO possible to run the dwcinst script via a batch job instead of from TSO OMVS.  For example:
//*   create DWC Console                             
//DEFDWC   EXEC PGM=BPXBATCH                         
//STDENV   DD DATA,DLM=$$                            
//STDPARM  DD DATA,DLM=$$                            
sh /var/ZWS950/DWCPAX/                 
   -f  /var/ZWS950/DWCPAX/     
//SYSTSIN  DD DUMMY                                  
//SYSTSPRT DD SYSOUT=*                               
//STDOUT  DD SYSOUT=*                                
//STDERR  DD SYSOUT=*                                

8. Check the installation log under the dir: /var/ZWS950/DWC95FP4/DWC_DATA_dir/installation/logs to be sure that DWC is correctly installed 
(Start the DWC if not already running - angel process (ex. BBGZANGL) then server (ex. BBGZSRV)  -- see sample JCL in Additional Information section below)
9. Open the DWC by a common browser at the link: https://lpar_hostname_of_the_dwc:9443/console/login.jsp

Additional Information

SAMPLE JCL for running the DWC as a STARTED TASK:  (start BBGZANGL first, then BBGZSRV)
//BBGZANGL PROC PARMS='',COLD=N,NAME='',SAFLOG=N                           
//  SET ROOT='/usr/lpp/liberty_zos/'                               
//* Start the Liberty angel process                                        
//* This proc may be overwritten by fixpacks or iFixes.                    
//* You must copy to another location before customizing.                  
//STEP1   EXEC PGM=BPXBATA2,REGION=0M,TIME=NOLIMIT,                        
//      PARM='PGM &ROOT./lib/native/zos/s390x/bbgzangl COLD=&COLD NAME=X   
//             &NAME &PARMS SAFLOG=&SAFLOG'                                
//STDOUT    DD SYSOUT=*                                                    
//STDERR    DD SYSOUT=*                                                    

//BBGZSRV PROC PARMS='dwcServer'                                        
//* This proc may be overwritten by fixpacks or iFixes.                 
//* You must copy to another location before customizing.               
//* INSTDIR - the path to the WebSphere Liberty Profile install.        
//*           This path is used to find the product code and is         
//*           equivalent to the WLP_INSTALL_DIR environment variable    
//*           in the Unix shell.                                        
//* USERDIR - the path to the WebSphere Liberty Profile user area.      
//*           This path is used to store shared and server specific     
//*           configuration information and is equivalent to the        
//*           WLP_USER_DIR environment variable in the Unix shell.      
//  SET INSTDIR='/usr/lpp/liberty_zos/'                         
//  SET USERDIR='/var/ZWS950/DWC95FP4/usr' /*this is for FP4*/          
//* Start the Liberty server                                           
//* WLPUDIR - PATH DD that points to the Liberty Profile's "user"      
//*           directory. If the DD is not allocated, the user          
//*           directory location defaults to the wlp/usr directory     
//*           in the install tree.                                     
//* STDOUT  - Destination for stdout (System.out)                      
//* STDERR  - Destination for stderr (System.err)                      
//* MSGLOG  - Destination for messages.log (optional)                  
//* STDENV  - Initial Unix environment - read by the system.  The      
//*           installation default and server specific server          
//*           environment files will be merged into this environment   
//*           before the JVM is launched.                              
//  PARM='PGM &INSTDIR./lib/native/zos/s390x/bbgzsrv &PARMS'           
//WLPUDIR  DD PATH='&USERDIR.'                                         
//STDOUT   DD SYSOUT=*                                                 
//STDERR   DD SYSOUT=*                                                 

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