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IBM Automation Document Processing - What are the supported table structures for data extraction in 21.0.3 and later, and which types provide limited support?

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Which types of tables support data extraction in Automation Document Processing 21.0.3 and later versions, and which types are not fully supported?
For more information about improvements in 22.0.1, see Table detection improvements in IBM Automation Document Processing 22.0.1.


While data extraction from simple tables is fully supported, some limitations exist for complex tables, for example when you extract data from the summary section of tables, or if some watermarks, text, or other interfering elements exist in your documents. Complex tables are not fully supported.
For examples and details about the types of supported and unsupported tables, see the attachment:
21.0.3-Supported-Tables.pdf (applicable for 21.0.3 and 22.0.1)

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24 June 2022