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What's coming next in IBM Planning Analytics 2.0.71 SC



The following updates are available in release 2.0.71 SC of Planning Analytics.


Planning Analytics Workspace
The following feature notices apply to Planning Analytics Workspace.

New experience view and set editor

A new experience view (or exploration) and set editor are now available in books. With several improvements and enhancements, the new view and set editor offer flexible options to view, analyze, and organize data.

Before you can use the new view and set editor, you need to enable the new view feature under Features in Administration. For more information, see Manage features.

After the feature is enabled, open a book in Edit mode and right-click the cube in the data tree that contains the data you want to use. Select Add a new view to use the new view and set editor.

new view option

Note: You can access the new set editor only through the new view.

New UI and functional improvements for Lifecycle Management

A simplified user interface makes it easier to create and manage snapshots. The new interface also provides a look and feel that is consistent with other Planning Analytics Workspace components.
new Lifecycle Management
Here are some of the changes you'll notice in the new Lifecycle Management:
  • You no longer have to manage a cart for your assets. Selecting an asset automatically adds the asset to your snapshot.
  • You can now select a folder and all its contents to include in a snapshot. This is an improvement over the previous Lifecycle Management, where every asset in a snapshot had to be selected individually.
  • You can now include content from both the Shared and Personal folder in a single snapshot.
  • Moving a snapshot to a target environment is now called Deploy rather than Migrate in the user interface.

New header for plans and applications administration page

The header section of the administration page for plans and application now includes the ability to quickly open a different plan or application. The header also provides direct access to common administration tasks.

Click selector icon next to the plan or application name to open a different plan or application.

plan selector example

Use the options on the plan header to open or close the application, view the plan in contribution mode, or apply any of the plan actions. The Days left indicates the number of days left until the last due day for any step in the plan.

new plan header

Use the options on the application header to open or close the application, view the application in contribution mode, or apply any of the application actions.

new application header

URLS in plan steps or application sections are now active links

If the description for a step in a plan or a section in an application contains a properly formed URL, the URL is now presented as a clickable link. Clicking the link opens the destination in a new browser tab.
example of a link in an plan step

Enable or disable consolidation formatting

You can now enable or disable the bold formatting for consolidated values in an Exploration.

Consolidation formatting can be enabled or disabled only in Edit mode.

Under Properties, go to Custom and expand Exploration features. To see consolidated values in bold, enable the Bold consolidation property. If you disable the property, all values in the Exploration are displayed in regular text.

consolidation formatting

Enhanced text formatting 

You can now apply properties that manage the vertical alignment, indentations, line height, and inner margins for text within a text widget. To use the new properties, click the text inside a text widget while in Edit mode, then click Properties. Click the Text details tab to see and use the new text properties.

new text properties

Rename pins

You can now rename a pin when you are in Edit mode by clicking the Rename icon next to the name of the pinned item.

rename pin option

Deprecation notice for Planning Analytics Workspace Classic

The 'new experience' is a major update to the Planning Analytics Workspace user experience released with version 2.0.56 in October 2020. The new experience provides an updated look and feel, improved navigation and content management. It also introduces important new capabilities, such as applications and plans, a dedicated modeling environment, and predictive forecasting. The user experience in the 2.0.55 and earlier releases is referred to as 'Planning Analytics Workspace Classic.' Planning Analytics on Cloud environments provisioned before the 2.0.56 update can optionally remain on Planning Analytics Workspace Classic, preview the new experience, or permanently switch to the new experience.

The IBM Planning Analytics team intends to remove the capability to remain on Planning Analytics Workspace Classic and preview the new experience during the July 2022 update. Planning Analytics Workspace environments that use the classic experience will be automatically updated to the new experience as part of the July 2022 update. Planning Analytics on Cloud customers that are still using Planning Analytics Workspace Classic are encouraged to preview, test, and switch to the new experience before July 2022.

This announcement does not impact Planning Analytics on-premises deployments.

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10 December 2021