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IBM Planning Analytics Deprecation Notice for the Workspace Classic Experience



The 'New Experience' is a major update to the Planning Analytics Workspace user experience released as part of the 2.0.56 update in October 2020. The Planning Analytics Workspace new experience provides an updated look and feel, improved navigation and content management, and introduced the Applications and Plans, and Predictive Forecasting capabilities. The user experience in 2.0.55 and earlier releases is referred to as the classic experience. Cloud environments provisioned before the 2.0.56 update can optionally remain on the classic experience, preview the new experience, or permanently switch to the new experience.

The IBM Planning Analytics team intends to remove the capability to remain on the classic experience and preview the new experience as part of the Planning Analytics Workspace update in July 2022. Planning Analytics Workspace environments using the classic experience will be automatically updated to the new experience as part of the July 2022 update. Planning Analytics cloud customers using the classic experience are encouraged to preview and switch to the new experience before July 2022.

This announcement does not impact Planning Analytics on-premises deployments.

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13 April 2022