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Information listing the fixes and changes put into each PTF for IBM Navigator for i. Starting with the November 2021 PTFs after initial release of New Navigator


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This detail is for New Navigator only.  For the Heritage version of Navigator, go to

June 2022
The following changes to Navigator are included:
  • Performance Data Investigator updates
  • SSO - How to Configure IBM Navigator for i For Single Sign On (SSO)
  • IASP information added to main system dashboard
  • IPP Admin
    • Configuring IPP printers
    • Start and stop the HTTP QIPPSVR 
    • Create the IAS server for IPP
  • Subsystem routing updates
  • ObjectConnect for Db2 Mirror - start, stop, server jobs and properties actions now supported
  • Permissions added to My Objects, my IFS Objects, User owned objects, and File Shares
  • Audit Journal updates
    • Fixed dates so that they are the same between the chart view and detail view
    • Fixed weekly chart so that it has points for days where the entry count is zero
    • Added advanced filtering to columns with pre-defined values in the detail view
Fixes for the following:
  • A problem that the ‘@’ character used as part of the SNDSMTPEMM trigger command was incorrectly translated on a German-language system.
  • the IP Address-based and User-based alternative subsystem routing can be added without causing the other to be removed

  • A fix for a problem when configuring EIM.  Previous to this fix, when joining an existing remote domain, the local registries were not always created.  Now the NAS is selected to be configured during EIM configuration, and the local registries are created.

April/May 2022
It is highly recommended to clear the browser cache after applying this PTF.
Note:  The default  value for function Usage ID QIBM_NAV_ALL_FUNCTION is changed to *DENIED on the first install of this PTF (or a future PTF if this one is skipped).  The change will happen only one time on this or a future PTF install.
With increased focus on security, user profiles that previously were allowed to access IBM Navigator for i function may now be restricted.  To allow user access, refer to the Function Usage ID table at IBM Navigator for i - Function Usage IDs
The following changes to Navigator are included:
  • Angular & PrimeNG upgrade - may change column layout of some tables
  • SMTP properties
  • New Audit Journal support:
    • View bar chart of audit journal entry counts for one day
    • View graph of audit journal entry counts for a week
    • View detailed information for each entry type in a table
Fixes for the following:
  • The original shipped default value for the QIBM_NAV_ALL_FUNCTION function usage ID was *ALLOWED.  With this PTF, the shipped default  value for the QIBM_NAV_ALL_FUNCTION function usage ID is changed to *DENIED. This change means that user profiles that previously were allowed to access IBM Navigator for i function, may now require a change to continue to access the same functionality.  Refer to the Function Usage ID table on the support page for IBM Navigator for i.
  • When migrating monitors from heritage Navigator for i while the heritage monitor job QINAVMNSRV was ended, the “started” status in the status column was not correct.  It is no longer available in the table provided when migrating monitors.

  • Network Authentication Service ( NAS ) wizard will now add keytab entries with the realm (or domain) in uppercase since the standard requires the realm be in uppercase.  Example:  krbsvr400/systemname@ABC.COM

February 2022
Note:  With this PTF, the heritage Navigator will no longer be started by default.  If you do not want the heritage Navigator monitors to be running, stop any monitors before applying the PTFs.  
The following changes to Navigator are included:
  • Default URL for Navigator is now http://hostname:2001 or https://hostname:2010
  • Heritage Navigator is no longer running by default
  • Network LDAP server properties is implemented
  • IPP Admin
    • IPP server set-up is implemented and available under TCP/IP servers
  • Message Monitors are now available:  Message Monitors Overview
    • New &MSGTEXT Replacement Variable - Provides the text from the message
  • VPN - IP security policy updates
    • Data policy
      - address translation
    • Local Service Pool actions - Properties, New Based On, Delete
    • VPN Data Endpoint Pools actions - Properties, New Based On, New Data Endpoint Pool, Delete, Move Up, Move Down
    • VPN Data Policy actions - New Data Policy, New Based On, Delete, Properties
  • SNTP properties
  • Performance Data Investigator updates
Fixes for the following:
  • EIM configuration no longer allows for identifier names with spaces and restricts some characters.  The characters (, = + > < # ; \ * ") are not allowed.
  • New Navigator for i lacks option to re-enable multiple NetServer users
  • Server tab added (previously function could be used by selecting the Columns dialog)
  • Fixed problem when query results for QSYS.USER_INFO table was not coming out correctly for some languages.
  • In Active Jobs, sorting IO Count and Relative Record Number was not correct.  They are now sorted correctly as numbers.
  • An issue with a dollar sign used in a profile name caused NAV_300002: Unexpected Error in specific sections, and some "My work" functions did work.  Now the dollar sign is supported for a user profile.
  • Using a filter for creating date (timestamp) on Printer Output caused SQL0414 - is fixed.

December 2021
The following changes to Navigator are included:
  • Added function to copy system monitors from one system to another in your managed systems list.
  • Custom chart IASP support - metrics now supports SQL targeting Database IASPs.  The IASP is set for the target system in the Configure Charts dialog.
  • Authority collection support and updates to the user-based collections.
    • New filter options to better help user digest and understand the authority collection data.
  • VPN IKE policy: The Internet Key Exchange (IKE) policy defines what level of authentication and encryption protection IKE uses during phase 1 negotiations.
  • Performance Data Investigator updates
Fixes for the following:
  • Monitor server job QNAVMNSRV not starting

November 2021
The following changes are included:
  • Fix for using custom charts when a system is configured for TLS.
  • Fixed dashboard sorting of the CPU and usage column correctly when in list or table view.
  • Fix for displaying PTFs (Configuration and Service - Program Temporarily Fixes (PTF) Which previously failed with the following error:
    • Error: NAV_308100: Failed to retrieve the program temporary fixes Details:[SQL0206] Column or global variable PTF_SUPERSEDED_BY_PTF not found
  •  Fixed ability to paste an SQL statement for a new Metric in Custom Charts.
  • Using "My Printer Output" (New Navigator for i Interface) shows all the user profile's spooled file, like the WRKSPLF command.
    • Spooled files in other output queue for the logged-on user are not shown. Only spooled files located in QPRINT, QEZJOBLOG, and the user profile's output queue are shown for the logged on user.
  • Now provided from Action menu of System Monitors:
    • Migration tool for migrating Heritage System Monitors to New Navigator.
    • Summary action displays all System Monitor properties on one page, including metrics list and commands specified. [RFE 33970 delivery]
      • System Monitor Summary panel
  • Performance Data Investigator updates:
    • Manage Collections enhancements:
      • Rebuild Collection Table Action now available
      • Correction to time zones shown and Browser Time now added as an optional column
    • Fix to error on Cycle Collection Services command
  • Cryptographic services is now available to secure sensitive data
    • Changed default user from QLWISVR to QWEBADMIN (PTF exit pgm update and code update)
  • A new feature is added under Configuration & Service to restart the iSCSI virtual I/O processor (IOP).  After changes are made to the iSCSI configuration, an IPL (or restart) of the iSCSI Virtual I/O Processor (IOP) must be done for the changes to take effect. The restart function initiates an IPL of the iSCSI IOP. Note:  If there are existing connections to the iSCSI target, they are ended. The system attempts to establish new connections to the iSCSI target based on the iSCSI configuration.
    • Additional PTFs are required to get the SQL support - only on the endpoint systems:
      • 7.4:  SI76804 & requisites:  SI76805, SI76796, & MF68751 (superseded by TR5 PTF)
      • 7.3:  SI76923 & requisites:  SI76922, SI76803, & MF68750 (superseded by TR11 PTF)
      • 7.2:  SI76925 & requisites:  SI76926, SI76895, & MF68840 

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