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WebSphere Application Server does not successfully switch to bundled JDK 8 after update

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If configured to use embedded Java 6 or the optional Java 8 offerings, WebSphere Application Server fix packs starting at migrate profiles, command defaults, and new profile settings to use the bundled Java SE Development Kit 8 (JDK8).

The fix pack installation routine can fail to migrate some or all pre-existing profiles to the bundled JDK8 on federated configurations that use the deployment manager (Dmgr).
On federated configurations, the migration can fail if any of the following conditions are not met:
  1. The Deployment Manager (dmgr) must be upgraded to (or later) before its federated nodes are upgraded.
    The dmgr is always required to be at the highest fix pack level of any of its federated nodes.
  2. All federated nodes must be in sync with the dmgr before the upgrade.
  3. No federated application server profile shares an installation with the dmgr
During upgrade, nodes must communicate with dmgr to successfully migrate profiles to the bundled JDK8. The following lists two problematic scenarios that users can encounter on federated configurations and the process to properly upgrade them to 855.19+.
Scenario 1: The federated node shares an installation with the deployment manager.
When the federated application server profile shares an installation on the same node as the dmgr, there is no way for the installation routine to update the application server profiles because they require communication with dmgr.
The Dmgr is not available because the WebSphere Application Server processes must be stopped before the upgrade process begins.

The JDK8 profile migration is attempted but fails. The Installation Manager upgrade completes without reporting a failure but in the logs it can be seen an attempt to change the JDK was made but it failed. Users are left with a partial migration to JDK8, the command default JDK, and new profile JDK is changed to the bundled JDK8 but the profiles are left unchanged.
Action Required before upgrading to (or later) for the first time:
  1. If the user is on a version before WebSphere Application Server, then upgrade to,,, or
  2. Run the following before upgrading the installation to fix pack 855.19. -enableProfileAll -sdkName 1.8_64_bundled
  3. Proceed to upgrading to or later
On completion,  all profiles on the node are configured to use bundled JDK8. The 855.19+ update no longer attempts to change the SDK because the profiles are already migrated.
Scenario 2: The federated node does not share an installation with the deployment manager.
If dmgr is down, or dmgr level is older than 855.19 the profile migration fails. The fix pack installation status is SUCCESS in the logs but the user's profiles are partially updated.
Action Required before upgrading to (or later) for the first time:
  1. Before updating on other nodes, the user must be sure dmgr is running tWAS Version 855.19 or later.
  2. The node to be updated must be on a version of 855.15 or greater, and the node must be synced with the Dmgr
    1. If the node is not at 855.15 or higher, update the node to at least 855.15
    2. run to refresh the Dmgr's view of the node
  3. Ensure <PROFILE_ROOT>/properties/soap.client.props is up to date with all necessary passwords and ports properly entered.
  4. Run the Installation Manager upgrade 855.19+ procedure.

If no action is taken before upgrading to or later, and the upgrade did not migrate any profiles or partially migrated some profiles, users see errors similar to the following in their IBM Installation Manager log:
CWSDK1021I: The command default SDK name is now set to 1.8_64_bundled.
CWSDK1001I: Successfully performed the requested managesdk task.
CWSDK1022I: New profile creation will now use SDK name 1.8_64_bundled.
CWSDK1001I: Successfully performed the requested managesdk task.
CWSDK0009E: Unexpected exception CWLCA0012E: The sdk 1.8_64_bundled is not available on node TS0067331362Node01
CWSDK1018I: Profile Custom01 could not be enabled to use SDK 1.8_64_bundled.
CWSDK1002I: The requested managesdk task failed. See previous messages.
Users can follow these steps to recover the environment and set all profiles to use bundled JDK8.
  1. Start Dmgr
  2. Use to synchronize the node with dmgr
  3. Run the following: -enableProfileAll -sdkName 1.8_64_bundled
Now all profiles are using 1.8_64_bundled. Users can validate their configuration by running` -listEnabledProfileAll` and ensure all profiles are now using `1.8_64_bundled`.

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08 December 2021