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Unable to use Information Server (on UNIX with WebSphere Liberty) after it is upgraded to Information Server version



Information Server installations that run on UNIX with WebSphere Liberty encounter a number of issues after it is upgraded to Information Server They might not be able to log in to Information Server Administration console or WebSphere Liberty. Additionally, installations that use DB2 as the metadata repository might experience database failures in actions like metadata import, or discovery.


Unable to log in to Information Server Administration console or WebSphere Liberty and the failure is attributed to missing certificates that were present before the upgrade. This behavior is observed in installations that switched the default self-signed certificate to their own certificate.

Information Server operations (for example, metadata import) encounter database errors with a Db2 metadata repository due to missing configuration information.



Configuration information for the installation is saved before the upgrade. However, the saved information is not restored to the correct location.


Environments where this issue occurs have a specific installation sequence:
1. Information Server is installed on Linux or AIX.
2. The installation uses WebSphere Liberty.
3. Information Server was upgraded to Information Server or Information Server
4. Next, the installation was upgraded to Information Server

Diagnosing The Problem

Change directory to your Information Server installation location.
For example, /opt/IBM/InformationServer

If any of the following are applicable, then the problem is present in your installation:

1. Check for the presence of a wlp.backup folder.
     If it exists, check whether a wlp folder exists within this folder.

2. On the services tier, in ASBServer/conf/iis-client-truststore.p12 check whether any certificates are missing after the upgrade.

3. If Db2 is used as the metadata repository, in wlp/usr/servers/iis/dataSources.xml check whether strings useJDBC4DataType and useJDBC4ColumnNameAndLabelSemantics are not present.

Resolving The Problem

There are three options to resolve the issue:
Option 1: Restore system from backup, and reinstall

This approach is less risky and less likely to encounter regression issues.
Restore from backup the Information Server version that was installed before was installed.
Follow the installation instructions and ensure that section 3.3.8 is followed to clean up the WebSphere Liberty folders before the installation is started.

Option 2: Restore the WebSphere Liberty folders, and reapply the Fix pack

1. Stop WebSphere Liberty.

    <INSTALL_LOCATION>/ASBServer/bin/ stop

2. Back up your wlp.backup and wlp folders.

    mkdir /opt/backup

    cp -r <INSTALL_LOCATION>/wlp.backup /opt/backup/wlp.backup

    cp -r <INSTALL_LOCATION>/wlp /opt/backup/wlp

3. Remove <INSTALL_LOCATION>/wlp folder.

    rm -rf <INSTALL_LOCATION>/wlp

4. Restore contents of wlp folder from the wlp.backup folder.

    cp -r <INSTALL_LOCATION>/wlp.backup/wlp <INSTALL_LOCATION>/wlp

5. Remove wlp.backup folder.

     rm -rf <INSTALL_LOCATION>/wlp.backup

6. If the folder exists, remove it.

     rm -rf <INSTALL_LOCATION>/

7. Check that you have only one wlp folder.

     ls -ldr <INSTALL_LOCATION>/wlp*

     Now, the wlp folder is back into the state it was in before was installed.

8. Reapply with the -force option.

Option 3: Apply Information Server Service Pack 4.

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