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This Core Framework patch works with both APM and CP4MCM.
For Windows 64bit platform, since VC++ got uplifted to 2013 from 2008, be sure to use APM Agent or later. For CP4MCM, be sure to use (will be in Jan of 2022) or later,
Windows 32bit platform is not supported by this patch or later patch, who still want to monitor 32bit Windows, need use APM Agent or earlier and use or earlier.


Download location

Download location


1. To download this update, please login to IBM Fix Central using this link:

2. There are three download options on Fix Central: Download Director, FTPS/SFTP and Using your browser (HTTPS). If you want to download individual packages, you need choose FTPS/SFTP or HTTPS, since Download Director will download all.

Below is a list of components, platforms, and file names that apply to this Readme file.

Server-Side Fix Download (APM only, ICAM doesn't need server-side Fix)

Platform Fix
Linux x86_64


Agent Side Fix Download (For both APM and ICAM)

Platform Fix
AIX pSeries
Linux ppc64le
Linux ppc64
Linux x86_64
Linux s390x
Solaris Sparc
Solaris X86
Windows 32bit
Window 64bit


Prerequisites and co-requisites

General description 

This Core Framework patch works with both APM and CP4MCM.

For Windows 64bit platform, since MS VC++ got uplifted to 2013 from 2008, be sure to use APM Agent images or later. For CP4MCM, be sure to use (will be in Jan of 2022) or later,

Windows 32bit platform is not supported by this patch or later patch. Who still want to monitor 32bit Windows, need use APM Agent or earlier and use or earlier.

Platforms and prerequisites 

APM: The agent core framework, and server core framework are supported on all agent and server platforms documented here.
ICAM: The agent core framework is supported on all agent platforms documented here.

Prerequisites for this interim fix 

This interim fix for the core framework is intended for the following:

IBM Cloud Application Performance Monitoring Base Private, Version
IBM Cloud Application Performance Monitoring Advanced Private, Version

IBM Cloud Application Performance Monitoring Base, Version
IBM Cloud Application Performance Monitoring Advanced, Version


Agent only, IBM Cloud App Management version which will be released in 2022, Jan or later

Known issues


Known limitations


Installation information

Before installation

Performance Management Server must be installed before applying the server-side core framework server interim fix.
Monitoring agents must be installed and running before applying the agent side core framework interim fix.


The server-side core framework patch is installed on the computer system where the Performance Management server is installed. The server core framework patch updates the core framework that is included in agent installation images.

The agent side core framework patch is to be installed on the computer systems where your monitoring agents are already installed.

  • If you want to create new agent packages that contain the agent core framework fixes so that the fixes are included when you install new agents or upgrade agents, then follow the instructions for installing the core framework server patch.
  • If you need to apply the patch to already installed agents then follow the instructions for installing the agent patch on each agent system.

Installing the core framework server patch on the Performance Management server (APM only, ICAM doesn't need server-side Fix)

  1. Download the server patch file.
  2. Unpack it
  3. Enter the created directory.
  4. Run the tool:
  5. Run the following scripts that are described at the following link in the APM 8.1.4 IBM Documentation: Here we copy the content for your convenience.
    • Run the <apm-server-home>/ script if you have not already created the configuration information for the agent installation packages.
    • Run the <apm-server-home>/ script. Pass <apm-server-home>/ccm/AgentFrameworks as the value of the -a option.
      Note: The script updates your agent packages to include the patched agent core framework in <apm-server-home>/ccm/AgentFrameworks

  6. Either use the configured agent packages to install NEW agents with the patched agent core framework, or use those packages to UPGRADE the core framework for already installed agents. See these APM 8.1.4 IBM Documentation topics for more details on installing agents and upgrading agents

Installing the agent patch on each agent system (Both APM & ICAM)

Note: The agent must already be installed before applying the agent side patch. It will be restarted as part of applying the patch.

  1. Download the patch bundle from Fix Central for each OS type where your agent is installed:
    • If the agent is installed on AIX, download
    • If the agent is installed on Linux for Power Systems (Big Endian), download
    • If the agent is installed on Linux for Power Systems (Little Endian), download
    • If the agent is installed on Linux for System x, download
    • If the agent is installed on Linux for System z, download
    • If the agent is installed on Solaris, download
    • If the agent is installed on Solaris x86, download
    • If the agent is installed on Windows 32-bit, download
    • If the agent is installed on Windows 64-bit, download
  2. If you are installing the patch on AIX as a non-root user, you must clear unused shared libraries from the kernel and library memory before you install the patch by following these steps:
    • Stop the agent(s)
    • Login as root, and run the slibclean command
    • Login as the non-root user who installed the agent(s) and continue with the patch installation
  3. Unpack the patch bundle on each computer system where the agent is already installed by using the tar utility on Linux/AIX or extract on Windows.

    tar -xf
  4. Enter the created directory

  5. Run the tool as the same user who installed the agent:

    ./ [<APM agent install directory>]

    ./apmpatch.bat <APM agent install directory>

    The <APM agent install directory> parameter only needs to be provided if the agent is installed in a non-default directory on Linux and AIX. However, it is a required parameter for Windows.. This value is a required parameter for Windows.

Performing the necessary tasks after installation of agent core framework update

A successful installation modifies the agent core framework version to, gs version to and the JR to
On Linux or AIX:
- Ensure that the <APM-AGENT-HOME>/bin/cinfo -t output for the ax agent version is '', gs version is and jr version is
- The agent interim fix installation logs are written to the <APM-AGENT-HOME>/logs/ directory.

On Windows:
- Ensure that the <APM-AGENT-HOME>\InstallITM\kincinfo -i command shows that the TEMA component version is, gs version is and the jvm component version is
- The agent interim fix installation logs are written to the <APM-AGENT-HOME>\INSTALLITM\ directory.

Uninstalling if necessary

This maintenance package cannot be rolled back. If necessary you can uninstall and reinstall the monitoring agent and all appropriate patches.

For detailed instructions to uninstall monitoring agents, please refer to the guide, here:



Troubleshooting installation problems from the Support site

For more detailed information, refer to the troubleshooting and support Guide:


ICAM (Different versions are available if yours is not 2019.4.0)

Additional information

The Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA256) checksums of the images are as follows:

New Features



List of fixes

The following problems are addressed by this interim fix.


  • None

Defects and Enhancements:

  • Windows builds now use VS 2013 for compiling C and C++ code
  • GitHub 19175: Fixed error reported by agent on zLinux processing central configuration load list
  • RTC 144764: History situations not refreshing as expected
  • RTC 144825: Visual C++ uplift for TEMA-based agent

Superseded fixes:

  • None

APARS and defects included from superseded fixes:

  • GitHub 13317: report on agent's hung data collection thread with no additional tracing in KBB_RAS1
  • Add TEMA prereq checker support for Debian 10
  • RTC 144152 Prepare Java v8.0.6.25 source packages for agent framework
  • RTC 142982: fix invalid memory free error (IBM i systems)
  • RTC 143206: make sure HISTORY situations are retained whenever new thresholds are downloaded
  • GitHub 8154 / RTC 141798: Garbled characters in threshold display item for multibyte character data
  • RTC 143669: Failed to install agent patch on Solaris
  • IJ12656: missing klo_* EIF event slots
  • IV98883: The may start agents using the wrong user id
  • IJ00965: Failed to stop agent during upgrade
  • IJ00973: Fix the agent installation issue caused by special characters validation
  • IJ01900: Kcirunas.cfg file should not be over-written


  • Github 11512: apply workaround where APM_BLANK_INVALID_CHARACTERS=Y applies to data in EIF events as well as subscriptions
  • RTC 142438: agents crashing on Solaris
  • RTC 142892: Prepare Java v8.0.6.15 source packages for APM V8 agent framework
  • Github 3904: trace reflex action command nonzero return code
  • Github 5690: fix central config load list file name for ITM multi-instance agents
  • Pull req 72: Suppress incorrect XML validation error message
  • Github 5979: Unchanged subnode situations restarted multiple times on new private_situations.xml download
  • RTC 141275: fix thread handle leak when running Windows commands
  • Github 7595: remove trailing spaces before processing regex private sit. string
  • Github 7707/7811/7957: agent crashes recycling thresholds
  • Github 8158: pass prereq checking on Ubuntu 20.04
  • RTC 141941: Framework support for Ubuntu 20.04
  • Github 8272: asfSubscription file getting corrupted
  • 136805: Vulnerability on APM MQ monitoring agent
    137153: APM SaaS Db2 agent alerts cannot be cleaned on APM console
  • 137660: Uplift JRE version to in Agent Framework
    138139: Add support for RHEL8
    GIT#9752: close a timing window where its possible that an updated private situation is not downloaded to the agent
    GIT#7097: provide a workaround where no attribute group data is sent to the server because of a non-UTF8 character in one field
    GIT#9065: when connecting an ITM or SMA agent to ICAM in dual mode, continue to run any private situations defined in the ITM environment (typically this is done with autonomous agents) rather than private situations from ICAM. Also provide a configuration variable to instead run ICAM private situations and not ITM private situations
    GIT#7168: when connecting an ITM or SMA agent to ICAM, continue to download files from a centralized configuration server defined in the ITM environment
    GIT#10320: Fail is reported when upgrading agent on Windows because of the same version
    GIT#10460: AgentSVT-Script error when config ICAM agent instance on ubuntu 18
  • 129793: kqi crash when kqi start on zlinux.
    135941: Add agent support for solaris.
    136335: Add agent support for Windows Server 2019.
    136890: Wdev Threshold "Execute Command" execute at every interval instead of at first occurrence.
    137029: Uplift JRE version to in Agent Framework.
  • GIT#5970: quicker agent configuration when switching agent to and from ICAM.
    GIT#6479: TEMA crashes intermittently when run in Agent Builder testing mode.
    GIT#6904: determine Db2 instance name without checking DB2INSTANCE.
    GIT#7252: agents hang processing cached data after long server outage.
  • 135420: Uplift JRE version to in agent framework.
  • 135531: Failed to install APM Agents on SUSE 15 Platform
  • Issue 6256: Windows 32-bit agent crashes
  • Issue 6182: pdcollect haven't collected global.environment file in config directory
  • Issue 6588: Configuration of fresh installed MQ/IIB agent failed on Windows
  • 114957: Db2 event missing details when sent to Alert Notification.
  • 123708: If the agent downloads a bad event destination file then it stops sending events to the APM server.
  • 124187: Fix lock handling of private situation files to prevent the agent from crashing and not updating the active private situation file if the agent detects a modified situation file when it is restarted.
  • 124264: If the OS watchdog restarts a non-factory agent, the agent may download its threshold file to the wrong directory and will not trigger events.
  • 125222: Uplift Java to
  • 125424: Change extension pack license to agent license.
  • 125602: Exchange agent is unable to re-point agent to the new MIN using agent2server.bat.
  • 125688: No events generated for websites (SLA subscription)
  • 129633: Uplift JRE packaged by agent installer to
  • 126719: Improve regular expression evaluation in APM situations
  • 129757: Further improvements in regular expression evaluation
  • 129793: Fix potential TEMA crash where TEMA referenced freed memory from a situation definition
  • 133713: Failed to detect the installed agent version on aix
  • 134218: Add call to ism-agent.bat while uninstalling agent through smai-agent.bat
  • 132196: After installing 8.1.4 IF03, service oslc failed to start
  • 134475: Uplift JRE version to in agent framework
  • WF#2794: Improve messages in lz_asfActivity.log and *.LG0
  • WF#4203: Some agent threshold definitions not distributed correctly
  • 133634: Add support for pLinux Big Endian
  • Git#5217: TEMA update for Agent/Server communication in HTTPS
  • GIT#8665: TEMA Situations Sometimes Do Not Reach The Agent Because of A Timing Issue in Temaconfig
  • 1138331: Upcoming hotfix and includes a fix for RTC defect
  • Git#10037: Support History and Warehouse statements in private situations

  • 139188 - Uplift JRE version to in Agent Framework
  • 139169 - Add agent support for solaris x86
  • Git#10647: In ICAM use extra-precise last modified time from HTTP header of downloaded private situations file from Central Configuration when requesting an updated copy
    Git#11104: Fix for defect where SQLite private situations are not saved when downloaded from Central Configuration.
    Git#11109: Fix for defect where updated ITM-defined private situations file starts running and reporting events to ICAM when only ICAM-defined private situations file should be running
    Git#10445: Event Summary does not show AND OR conditions clearly
    Git#10613: Support for private situation full name - for long threshold names (part of epic 10413)
    Git#11640: start ICAM situations when switching ITM agents from dual to ICAM-only mode
    138077: fix some errors, possible agent crash, in situation with COUNT when zero rows pass filters
    Git#9849: clean up attribute substitution into reflex action command
    Git#11912: adjust threshold reflex command action to respect the "consecutive samples" setting
    Git#12216: Remove and no longer create Last-Modified directory from OS agent log_discovery directory
    Git#12227: Closed a window where an agent (in dual mode) might report ITM private situation events to ICAM server
  • 139475: RHEL 8 on pLinuxLE v81409 and ICAM v2019.3.0 Db2 agent did not point to APM Server and ICAM server
  • Git#12219: can configure endpoint agent with KDE_GATEWAY_SUBSTITUTION to support KDE_GATEWAY on ICAM & APM
  • Git#12703: support wild cards on private sit MISSING arguments
  • Git#10626: support *CHANGE in private situations
  • Git#10627: support *PCTCHANGE in private situations
  • 141196 - Uplift JRE version to in Agent Framework
  • 140203: TEMA downloads but does not process private_situations.xml if there are many files in download list
    Github 1775: allow TEMA to download any custom file using default IRA_LOCALCONFIG_DIR
    Github 1818 (formerly 13669): do not cycle situations for thresholds that do not change

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