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IIS Automation Script not configuring correctly due to 'Default Web Site' missing prior to script run

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When running the IIS script supplied with a release of Cognos (cognos_install\cgi-bin\templates), users can find that the configuration is not being done correctly since 'Default Web Site' was mistakenly deleted from IIS. The script looks for this pre-existing website name, where your alias will be created. If it is not found, IIS configuration cannot continue -- just the application pool will be created.


Configure IIS with automation script even with 'Default Web Site' deleted by re-creating it. 


1. Open IIS
2. Create a website under 'Sites' and name it 'Default Web Site'
3. Point it to the DefaultAppPool (application pool)
4. Set the Physical Path to -- '%SystemDrive%\inetpub\wwwroot'.
5. Ensure previous attempted configuration is cleared out via --
6. Close out IIS and re-run the script as administrator. 
Configuration should now be complete since we re-created 'Default Web Site'. 
Note -- the script does not create 'Default Web Site'; rather this is a pre-existing website that should already be set up in IIS prior to running the script. This technote serves to restore the default website in IIS should it be deleted in error.

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20 October 2021