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Ctera File Services with IBM Cloud Object Storage



The Post-Corona Business world challenged businesses in many ways, requiring them to quickly shift from a predominate centralized office model to a remote office environment, while maintaining a budget for efficient and secure operation. IBM Cloud Object Storage combined with Ctera Global file system is a proven solution for helping clients to cost effective file sharing and VDI.

This session will provide insight with a clear understanding of challenges that our clients experience in data distancing such as secure access to corporate data, user experience over WAN, distributed collaboration, endpoint data protection and scalable administration. IBM Cloud Object Storage with Ctera Global file system can address these challenges and improve the ability to sustain and grow business in the Post-Corona environment.


Date:  Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Speakers:  John Shubeck, Client Technical Specialists, Advanced Technology Group and Oded Nagel, Chief Strategy Office, Ctera



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16 November 2021