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Add an advanced server property that will allow to specify a chunk of batch report service tasks

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NOT all reports allowed by number of processes and connections on the server are being executed. Usually it allows only one report (or just few) not following the set number of processes and connections on the server. All the rest is pending, so Cognos is queuing much more than necessary and not allowing enough request being executed. Request are still being balanced on the server within the server group in routing rule (that works correctly). Just the number of reports executed is much lower when this parameter yield chunk is in place.


Add an Advanced Server property that will allow to specify a chunk of batch report service tasks to take from the queue before taking a pause to allow other monitor services the chance to take some as well.
To enable, set ms.loadbalance.yield.chunk on the monitor service (or top level) and the value is the number of batch report service tasks that one monitor service will take before taking a pause.
So for example, if this burst report has 10 burst outputs, you could set the parameter to 5, so that each batch install will take 5 each.


By default a Batch Report Service has 2 "Maximum number of processes", each of which has 4 "Number of low affinity connections". 
That means a maximum of 8 (2*4) concurrent reports.


Add ms.loadbalance.yield.chunk
From Administration Console > Status tab > select "System", in scorecard, select MonitorService and add "Advanced settings"  ms.loadbalance.yield.chunk  = (number)
So (number) report runs are assigned to one node at a time.

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28 September 2021