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IBM Spectrum Scale - Data Services for Virtualization



This webinar session provides an overview of how IBM Spectrum Scale fits into virtual environments - virtual machines versus containers - providing key components of data services. We discuss how to use IBM Spectrum Scale in Red Hat Virtualization, Kernel-based virtual machines, OpenShift Containers, and so on. Providing virtual disks, persistent volumes, or data access through standard protocols. Make your virtual environment's storage deployment more flexible, expose more access points, provide higher availability and data protection by leveraging IBM Spectrum Scale's enterprise-level data services.


Date:  Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

Speakers: Lindsay Todd, Spectrum Scale Solution Architect and Isom Crawford, Software Defined Storage Technical Specialist



[{"Type":"MASTER","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB26","label":"Storage"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU058","label":"IBM Infrastructure w\/TPS"},"Product":{"code":"STXKQY","label":"IBM Spectrum Scale"},"ARM Category":[{"code":"a8m0z0000008ZpTAAU","label":"Administration"},{"code":"a8m3p0000006xEnAAI","label":"protocol"}],"Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"All Versions"}]

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