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Administratively set the SPSS Statistics Activation type

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You create a laboratory environment for your end users. This environment could be physical or virtual. You installed IBM SPSS Statistics 28.0 interactively. Each time users launch Statistics, they do so from a "fresh" environment with no user preferences and the default Activation Type set to "UNKNOWN". Users are constantly prompted to choose their licensing type, whereas you would prefer the Statistics instance default to On-Prem licensing and make use of your SPSS Statistics Concurrent License Manager and Tools.


You would like to administratively set the Activation Type at the client such that users are never prompted for it upon launch.


Do a "Push" or "Silent" install first:
The instructions for performing a "Push" install (on Microsoft Windows) or a "Silent" install (on macOS) appropriately sets your Activation Type for all subsequent launches. See  Authorized_User_License_Administrator_Guide.pdf and Concurrent_License_Administrator_Guide.pdf for detailed instructions.
To accomplish this task on Microsoft Windows after an interactive install:
1) Locate the "C:\Program Files\IBM\SPSS Statistics\.defaultsettings.ini" file on your SPSS Statistics image.
2) Edit this file changing the Activation Type from 'UNKNOWN'  or non-existent to 'ONPREM'
[Activation Type]
3) Delete the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Prefs\com\ibm\/S/P/S/S\/Statistics\/Activate/Type" registry key.
4) On subsequent launch this key is created with the new default "ONPREM"  and users are not prompted to make a choice.
To accomplish this task on macOS after an interactive install:
1) Make the same edits to the file here "/Applications/IBM SPSS Statistics/Resources/Configuration/.defaultsetting.ini"
2) Reset the user defaults by deleting the ''
Example: (where "Fred" is the executing user name)
"sudo rm -fR ~/Library/Preferences/"
"sudo killall -u Fred cfprefsd"

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16 August 2021