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Certificate reset prompt during patch

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If you have deployed certificates outside the IBM QRadar deployment, you might need to refresh them after the patch completes.


What is the difference between internal and custom certificates?
• Internal certificate: Any certificates generated by IBM QRadar
• Custom certificate: Any certificates that were manually installed by the customer
For more information, see Installing a new SSL certificate (
How do you know if you have a custom certificate and if it might be reset?
If you followed the installation instructions at Installing a new SSL certificate ( to install any custom certificates and have not disabled the CA framework from monitoring the certificate, the certificate might be reset.

What might happen if you have deployed a certificate outside of QRadar?
If you installed a custom HTTPD certificate, then this could cause authentication errors when connecting to the QRadar UI. For more information, see Fixing the certificate security browser warning (
How can the certificate be refreshed?
To reinstall the custom certificate, follow the steps found at Installing a new SSL certificate ( or you can switch to using a QRadar internal CA.

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14 July 2021