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Continuing Support for Db2 LUW v9.5 and older ends on September 30, 2022



IBM announces the end of Continuing Support for Db2 LUW v9.5 and older on September 30, 2022


IBM is making changes to the Db2 Continuing Support program. Continuing Support provides non-defect support for known issues beyond the End of Support (EOS) date for a given version of Db2. For details on the Continuing Support program, see this page. For Db2 LUW 9.5 and earlier versions, Continuing Support will not be provided after September 30th, 2022. Existing customers retain their right to use the older versions but are advised to modernize to a newer version of Db2 LUW if they wish to retain support coverage.

A variety of IBM services options are available to help modernize your Db2 environments. These include packages to assess, plan, or execute a version upgrade or to fully modernize to a container-based infrastructure. Please contact your IBM sales representative or business partner if you have questions about how best to take advantage of these programs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will I be forced to upgrade?
    No, you will not be forced to upgrade. No changes are being made to customer’s Db2 entitlements, only to the Continuing Support program coverage.
  • How much does it cost to upgrade?
    As long as you have active S&S, there is no cost for newer versions of Db2 LUW. 
  • Why should I upgrade?
    Newer versions of Db2 provide higher performance, easier administration, better security, and a wider variety of deployment options like containers. In most cases, vendors are no longer supporting the hardware, operating systems, or applications being used with Db2 versions that are exiting Continuing Support, and this presents risks outside of the core database software.
  • How can I upgrade? 
    All versions transitioning out of Continuing Support can follow the same upgrade path to reach Db2 11.5:
  • How can IBM help me upgrade?
    How can IBM help my environment stay up to date in the future?

    IBM Expert Labs provides services ranging from consultations on how to plan an upgrade to support on actual execution. Longer term services engagements are also available. For example, IBM Expertise Connect for Data & AI provides guidance and mentoring on both operational and strategic aspects of your data infrastructure. Your IBM Sales Representative or business partner can help determine what mix of options best serves your needs.

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