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Planning Analytics MDX Aggregate Defect

Flashes (Alerts)


A defect has been identified in the IBM Planning Analytics release.  This defect will prevent non-admin users from seeing the value in calculated intersections when the Aggregate MDX function is used to calculate the value in the cell, and element security is applied to the dimension containing the members being aggregated.  This defect does not impact non-calculated intersections, including consolidations and rule derived cells.


The defect may present itself in any TM1 client that uses the Aggregate MDX functions.  This list includes but is not limited to Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics for Excel, and Planning Analytics Workspace.

The defect outlined in this notification will be corrected in the IBM Planning Analytics update.  It is recommended to update to Planning Analytics when it becomes available.  A link to the Planning Analytics update will be provided when it becomes available.    

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Modified date:
24 June 2021