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IBM Datacap Version 9.1.8, Interim Fix 001 Readme file

Fix Readme


This readme file contains information about installation of the interim fix and about enhancements, known problems, restrictions, and solutions in support of IBM® Datacap Version 9.1.8.


Readme file for: IBM® Datacap
Product or component release: IBM® Datacap
Update name: Interim fix 001
Fix ID:
Publication date: 30 June 2021

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IBM® Datacap Windows

Known problems, restrictions, and solutions

Known problems, restrictions, and solutions that affect administration and usage of interim fixes are documented as techdocs in the product support knowledge base. To review all known problems, restrictions, and solutions that affect Datacap, see the support knowledge base.  

To review all known problems, restrictions, and solutions that affect Version 9.1.8, see  IBM Datacap Version 9.1.8 Release Notes .

To view IBM Datacap 9.1.8 documentation, see  IBM Docs Datacap v9.1.8 .

Prerequisites for IBM® Datacap Version 9.1.8, Interim fix 001

The official statements for hardware and software support for IBM® Datacap are provided as part of the hardware and software requirements for IBM® Datacap Version 9.1.8. Before you install this fix, ensure that you installed IBM® Datacap Version 9.1.8. For more information about installing IBM® Datacap, see  Installing IBM Datacap . For complete details about the hardware and software requirements for IBM® Datacap, see  System requirements .

Installing IBM® Datacap 9.1.8, Interim fix 001

To install the IBM® Datacap 9.1.8, Interim fix 001, use the following procedure:


  1. Download the 918 iFix 001 package from  Fix Central .
  2. Extract the 918 iFix 001 package, and run the Update.exe file.

Access the IBM Content Navigator administration tool and update the JAR file path to use the latest DatacapWebPlugin JAR file. For more information, refer to documentation.

Fixed APARs:

The following table displays a list of APARs that are fixed in IBM Datacap V9.1.8, Interim fix 001.
APAR Number RTC ID Component Summary
NA 195971 Datacap Web services Datacap Navigator application has been validated to address SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting(XSS) Vulnerabilities. 
NA 196071 Datacap Applications Datacap TravelDocs application has been modified to replace deprecated actions with the new Datacap 64-bit actions.
IO26726  195697 Datacap Services Configure Datacap Server to allow a different attribute other than distinguished Name in UserDistringuishedNameAttr in LLLDAP Group Authentication.
IO27312  195554 Datacap Desktop  Datacap Desktop Job Monitor fails to correctly display dates in the right format in Job Start column and Task Start column when running in non-English locale.
IO27365 195817 Recognition OCR_SR.RecognizeToPDFOCR_S () creates poor quality, blurry images affecting the quality of search PDF on extracted images.
IO27433  194550 Recognition OCR_A's Recognize() recognizes zero 0 as symbol ◯ when processing images in a Datacap application.
IO27566  195557 Datacap Web services User is not able to execute Global ruleset via Transaction\execute API
IO27612  195735 Datacap Navigator Datacap Navigator Verify panel displays a validation failed error message for the wrong field when validation fails for one of the fields.
IO27617  195556 Datacap Navigator In Datacap Navigator viewer, if the zoom feature is applied to any PDF file, the image displays the characters in the image as blurry and out of focus.
IO27632  195599 Actions SplitBatch.SplitBatch () retains all the document and page information that was present before the batch split and after the batch split in the parent batch xml file.
IO27634  195563 Datacap Desktop  In Datacap Desktop application station ID entered in the login UI screen fails to persist when you log off and log back in.
IO27641  195600 Actions SplitBatch.SplitBatch () returns a blank value for TYPE variable in the child batch field value instead of returning the Type. Example: "Type: "
IO27667  195558 Datacap Navigator In Datacap Navigator Scan and Verify task, disabling and enabling the "Copy" option and the 'Comment' does not work as expected.
IO27797  195564 Datacap Navigator In Datacap Admin Console Verify panel, under advanced tab, when DCO tree view box is enabled for read-only view, and a user uses the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M, a comment pop-up window is displayed instead of being disabled.
IO27832  195588 Datacap Desktop Datacap Desktop: Order of custom column gets changed if you make any changes to OTTB application column order.
IO27990  196066 Datacap Navigator In Datacap Navigator application, you are unable to scan when the "Show manufacturer scanner properties" setting is enabled.
IO28048  195085 Development Tools Datacap Application Copy tool failed to include "Microsoft SQL Server (MSOLEDBSQL)" database provider in the drop down "select database" window.
IO28088  195818 Datacap Navigator Datacap Navigator Verify panel with EDS integration shows the fields size as shrunken when there is a property table field on the panel.
IO28104  195331 Actions OCR_A.Recognize () inserts unexpected characters such as "OBJ" in between words that are extracted when recognizing text from images.
IO28107  195568 Actions Barcode.GetAllBarcodes () fails to read (QR) barcode on the page to return the value in a delimited string.
IO28108  195382 Datacap Navigator Datacap Application fails to display the Viewer when saving the scanned document using "Document from scanner" option under the "Add Document" tab.
IO28151  195642 Actions SharedRecognitionTools.Actions.DetermineOMRThreshold () takes time to perform OMR detection compared to using RecogOMRThreshold () in previous versions.
IO28153  195627 Actions ExportToXML () generates the XMl file with incorrect DCO data such as document,page and field details.
IO28156  195562 Actions RecognizeToPDFOCR_A() is updated to enable the configuring of JPEG instead of JPEG2000 compression when extracting colored images from PDF files.
IO28164  195649 Datacap Services Batch ID's are reset to start at zero when a new month in the year is encountered instead of continuing with the next batch ID number when batch naming template is configured to use [Y].[n:6] in taskmaster server.
IO28167  195653 Actions RecognizePageOCR_A () fails to return valid recognition results when attempting to run recognition on an images with an Indian Rupee Symbol (₹).
IO28176  195681 Datacap Navigator Datacap Navigator application Verify task allows batches to be submitted even when pages in the batch fail validation.
IO28194 195690 Datacap Desktop QueueBy 'Station' settings are not working for pending batches when queue by settings are applied for two different tasks.
IO28205  195768 Datacap Desktop  Datacap Desktop fails to display 300 DPI images in FlexID panel viewer while 200 DPI images are displayed.
IO28221  195718 FileNet FNP8_SearchAndDownload () action fails when the search clause in FNP8_SetSearchWhereClause () action has 'This INSUBFOLDER'
IO28224  195715 Actions Convert.OutlookKeepEmbeddedImages () used with OutlookMessageToImageAndAttachment () ingests multiple copies of the email and then creates multiple copies of extracted attachments.
IO28231  195745 Actions Barcode.GetAllBarcodes action throws an exception error in all Datacap applications when Datacap Studio is configure to process GS1 DataBar barcodes in zones tab.
IO28251  195811 Datacap Navigator Datacap Navigator application Job Monitor hangs when it is refreshed with the "Show Saved Filter" functionality disabled.
IO28257  195710 Actions Allow options for configuring compression of Gray images in recognized PDF for action RecognizeToPDFOCR_A()
IO28263  195824 Datacap Web In Datacap web client application displays their textbox custom columns as a drop down column in their Verify panel misleading users that need to enter data into fields.
IO28286  195834 Datacap Navigator Datacap Navigator fails to update the Pages column with number of pages scanned when the "STATUS CHANGE OR ROLLBACK" privilege is not enabled for a user.
IO28307  195897 Actions SplitBatch.SplitBatch () creates the 10th child batch with a suffix of .10, .11 instead of a two character alpha-decimal suffix such as .01, .02, .0A, ..., up to .ZZ.
IO28309  195902 Actions RulerunnerLogic action library continuing to have dependencies with older rrunner action library is resulting in errors thrown in verification panels and also in task rrs logs.
IO28310  195905 Actions RecognizeFieldVoteOCR_S () changes the stored results of the recognition value when the field value is present.
IO28324  195991 Datacap Web services wTM CreateBatch request returns a 201 instead of a 400 error code when failing to create a batch even when wTM returns a success response during a file upload.
IO28342  195998 Datacap Navigator Clicking "Change User Settings" in Datacap Navigator fails to allow a user to configure the layout and behavior settings.
IO28350  196059 FastDoc Datacap FastDoc (Admin) crashes with an "Application Error" when modifying display name of the field in 'Configure documents, pages and fields' tab
IO28355  196061 Fingerprints  Find FPXML files button in Fingerprint Maintenance tool generates error, "System.ArgumentException: Second path fragment must not be a drive or UNC name."
IO28361  195335 Actions NENU : Nenu action ProcessDeleteBatchesEX throws error in the logs when trying to delete the batches which are present in database but not present in batch directory folder.
IO28374  196079 Datacap Web Processing batches in Datacap Web Client Verify task removes the datafile tag from the page file when no validation is required on the page
IO28406  195985 Actions ewsmail.ex_scan () moves valid emails to a problem folder when the incoming attachment does not contain the expected attachment i.e. PDF and email with different attachments.
IO27990 196005 Datacap Navigator Datacap Navigator Viewer fails to display scanned images when "Show manufacturer scanner properties" setting is enabled.
IO28342 195995 Datacap Navigator In Datacap Navigator application when you click My list button after opening scan client and cancel the batch, the My List tab does not get launched as expected.

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04 August 2021