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Using IPA/ZIPI in IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.13

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IPA (Interactive Performance Assistance) and ZIPI (Zero Impact Performance Indicator) are available in all IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.13 versions. With IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.13 FP4, you can use IPA/ZIPI to write to an encrypted data source.


  1. An explicit location for the IPA database can be specified by creating a data source called ZIPI.
  2. If there is no ZIPI data source, but there is a Notification database defined in IBM Cognos Configuration it is used.
  3. If there is no ZIPI data source or Notification database defined, the Content Store database is used.

The IPA data only appears in HTML reports. There is no method to get this interactive information in .pdf or other output types.

IPA Setup

1. This configuration uses the Notification database to store the IPA information.

image 10223

2. Import the IPA_Package deployment. The needs to exist in the deployment directory of the active Content Manager. (See the bottom of this document for a link to the deployment.)


3. The import of the deployment publishes a package and reports to "Team Content > ZIPI".


4. Create a data source called IPADATA that points to the IPA database (shown in Step 1). This data source is used for the IPA reports.


5. To enable the IPA feature, go to the Status Tab > System > System Properties.


6. Click the Setting tab and then click Edit…


7. Add in a new Parameter called DISP.zipi.IPAEnabled and set the Value to true. Click Ok twice to exit this dialog.


8. Within a couple minutes, the following tables get created in the database previously specified.


IPA Usage

1. In Authoring (from a New or Edited report), select the Run option > Show run options > Include performance details and click OK.


  2. The report can be run from the main Run options or the Run Page by selecting the Pages tab and then Right clicking a page then clicking Run Page.

The benefit of the Run Page over the main Run options is that the option to drill through to detailed IPA data is only currently available on the first run page. Paging down deactivates this drill through ability.


3. After the report page runs, the execution times are shown for the relevant objects on the page as well as the total execution time for the page. Mousing over the information (i) icon gives a breakdown of query execution time vs rendering time.

The links become active and clicking them drills to a detail report that further breaks down the report timing.

Clicking the Execution time drills to the ReportServerTimeBreakdown report.


Analyzing the Execution Time

1. The links in the ReportServerTimeBreakdown allow drilling to other reports. Drilling on an Action runs the ReportServerTimeBreakdown


2. Selecting the ZIPIID presents the option to select 3 different target reports. 


    3. The target reports available.


4. The processTime report breaks down the execution time into its main processes.


5. Drilling down on a process shows its underlying services.


6. Drilling down on a service shows its underlying actions.

drilldown service

Note: How to enable SSL connections in IBM Cognos Configuration

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