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iOS applications display white screen after store updates.

Flashes (Alerts)


After updating the Maximo Anywhere applications from the Apple App Store a white screen is displayed after the update.



After updating the Anywhere 7.6.4 iOS applications from the iOS App Store to the latest version the application will hang on a white screen after updating and attempting to log in.  
Re-installing the application will fix the issue but result in loss of unsynchronized data. 


After updating the applications from the stores a white screen is displayed after login.


The Maximo Anywhere applications were updated to support Maximo Anywhere 8.0 on Manage and the 7.6.4 Anywhere application.   Updating the applications will cause authentication issues and a white page to display.  


Maximo Anywhere 7.6.4

Resolving The Problem

The resolve the issue the application will need to be re-installed, however to prevent data loss the following steps can be taken.
  1. Disable auto-update of your apps on the iOS App Store
  2. Before re-installing the application on the device with the new version, make sure all existing data has been synchronized to the server
    • Before updating the application disconnect the network on the device,  log in to the application offline, re-enable the network and synchronize the data to the server.  
    • Close the application, uninstall, then re-install

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Modified date:
21 May 2021