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Best Practices: PTF or Fixes Installation

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What are some general tips and guidelines for installing PTF groups and cumulative?



When installing the cumulative PTF for IBM i, review the cume instructions prior to installing any PTFs. If downloading the cume as SAVFs, it is recommended to review the cumulative instructions prior to downloading the fixes.

- Cumulative instructions can be found at the Preventative Service Planning (PSP) Web site:
oOnly process one GO PTF Option 8 command per IPL. For example, if you have multiple volume sets on physical media, use the 'Prompt for media' value of 2 or 3 from the "Install Options for Program Temporary Fixes" screen to load all PTFs from all volume sets. Do not perform a GO PTF Option 8 for each volume set without an IPL in between.
oWhen using an image catalog for a PTF installation, add all images for all cumulative/group/ individual volume sets into one image catalog.
oWhen ordering a cumulative or group package, it is recommended to use images or physical media rather than downloading as SAVFs. When downloading as SAVFs to your system, ensure that your network connection is stable. If there are drops or disconnects during the SAVF transfer, this can cause incomplete SAVFs to reside on your system, and your PTF installation will fail. If this occurs, manual cleanup of the incomplete SAVFs is needed, and the missing PTFs must be downloaded again.

1.When multiple GO PTF Option 8 commands or INSPTF commands are done to load PTFs from multiple volumes sets or image catalogs, this can lead to corruption of the PTF index. If this happens, contact your next level of support for assistance.
2.The order of installing groups or cumulative first is not relevant as long as all images are kept in one image catalog or if 'prompt for media' is 2 or 3 when using physical media. A general practice is to start with the group PTFs; however, this is not necessary.
3.Follow the cumulative instructions. These instructions list PTFs that need to be addressed before the cumulative is loaded on the system, as well as how to install the cumulative and group PTFs.

Helpful resources:

Preventative Service Planning - PSP:

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18 December 2019