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Installation of Java 8.0 SR6 FP20 on IBM i May Result in an "abort" Event Causing JVMs to Suddenly Terminate

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After applying the following IBM i OS Java Group PTF levels, which installs the Java 8.0 SR6 FP20 service release fix pack; 8.0 JVM instances may fail to start or end suddenly due to an "abort" event. This issue was reported in IBM APAR IJ30307.

Release 7.1 -- SF99572 level 43
Release 7.2 -- SF99716 level 30
Release 7.3 -- SF99725 level 20
Release 7.4 -- SF99665 level 9


After upgrading to the IBM JDK 8.0 SR6 FP20 service release fix pack on the IBM i OS, 8.0 JVM instances may fail to start or end suddenly due to an "abort" event.  This issue was reported in IBM APAR IJ30307.
Clients can review the "" dump file created to confirm the dump event type.  The exact file path can be found in the JVM's job log.  In the "" file, look for the string, "Dump Event "abort" (00020000) received".  You will also want to verify your Java version is at SR6 F20 by looking at the value next to "1CIJAVAVERSION" -> (SR6 FP20).
If a sudden JVM failure is experienced after upgrading your Java Group PTF level, the event type is "abort", and the Java version is 8.0 SR6 FP20; IBM recommends you download and apply the individual PTFs or download and install the latest IBM i Java Group PTF level to resolve this issue.
The individual PTFs can be applied immediately or delayed.  If applied immediately, ALL 8.0 JVM instances must be ended before the PTFs are applied.
Individual  PTFs
JDK80 64bit - 5770JV1 Option 17
 V7R1:  SI75723
 V7R2:  SI75711
 V7R3:  SI75595
 V7R4:  SI75596
JDK80 32bit - 5770JV1 Option 16
 V7R1:  SI75724
 V7R2:  SI75717
 V7R3:  SI75719
 V7R4:  SI75722
Updated IBM i Java Group PTF levels containing the above individual PTFs.  This group level will install 8.0 SR6 FP25:
Release 7.1 -- SF99572 level 44
Release 7.2 -- SF99716 level 31
Release 7.3 -- SF99725 level 21
Release 7.4 -- SF99665 level 10
Immediate Apply Instructions
1) End ALL 8.0 version JVM instances currently active under WRKJVMJOB.
You can use the IBM i CL command, WRKJVMJOB, to find all active JVMs.  Here is some information on how to stop/start a few IBM-supplied JVM jobs.
To stop this job, type ENDTCPSVR *MGTC.
To start this job, type STRTCPSVR *MGTC.
To stop this job, type WRKSYSVAL QSFWERRLOG, press the Enter key and change it to *NOLOG.
To start this job, type WRKSYSVAL QSFWERRLOG, press the Enter key and change it to *LOG.
Jobs ADMIN, ADMIN1, ADMIN2, ADMIN3, ADMIN4, or ADMIN5 in the subsystem QHTTPSVR
To stop these jobs, type ENDTCPSVR *HTTP HTTPSVR(*ADMIN).
To start these jobs, type STRTCPSVR *HTTP HTTPSVR(*ADMIN).
To stop this job, type CALL PGM(QSYSDIR/QINAVMNSRV) PARM(*STOP) and press ENTER.
To start this job, start the ADMIN server using STRTCPSVR *HTTP HTTPSVR(*ADMIN).
2) Load and apply the individual PTFs using LODPTF and APYPTF.
3) Restart your 8.0 JVM instances.

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28 April 2021