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Cognos Analytics dashboard visualizations display a notification message that data has been limited or clipped



Cognos Analytics dashboard users can encounter data visualizations that display one or both of the following notification messages:
  • "Your data was clipped at 3000 items. Apply a filter to show less"
  • "The data displayed has been limited"
The following image displays an example of how the notifications appear in Cognos Analytics.
Example visualization notifications


A warning symbol (⚠) in the top right corner of the visualization widget. When you select the warning icon, one or both of the notification messages are shown.


You see these notification messages when the data used on your visualization has been limited or clipped.

The dashboard intentionally limits the number of data points that are projected on visualizations. 

The data is limited in order to strike a balance between the following:
  • Provide you with the most performant experience possible.
  • Show you as much data as possible without being overwhelming and losing meaning.
For example, a word cloud with 10000 words is overwhelming to someone who has to read it.
The Cognos Analytics product team is committed to improving this balance over time.
These notifications indicate that data is only clipped when used in the visualization. The data is not clipped or limited in the data source itself.

Dashboards have a limit of plotting or mapping a maximum of 3000 data points on any visualization when using Internet Explorer 11.
The following data clipping limits by visualization type are for all other supported browser types:
  • Data player limit is 200 data points
  • Map limit is 30000 data points
  • Table limit is 10000 data points
  • All other visualization types are limited to 3000 data points

Resolving The Problem

Apply a filter to show less data.

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