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IBM SAN b-type: 64Gb - Faster, Secure and Smarter



IBM has announced new, full 64Gb versions of their Gen 7 b-type Storage Networking products. 
These new 64Gb optics will double the bandwidth and lower the latency by 50% of the current products.
Come join this webinar to learn:
1) Why 64Gb is essential for infrastructure consolidation and for adding new storage technologies such as NVMe
2) How 64Gb can be added to your existing SAN environment without disruption
3) What the new secure 64Gb and 32Gb optics are and when they are required 
4) How the new Gen 7 feature, Traffic Optimizer, simplifies your admin effort and ensures optimum application performance by avoiding common congestion issues when there is a variety of Fibre Channel device speeds.


Date: Tuesday June 8th, 2021
Speaker: Tim Jeka, Broadcom Field Application Engineer


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08 June 2021