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IBM SAN c-type: What is in it for you? – Part 1, Architecture Advantages



Come and learn about how Cisco MDS 9000 series switches (IBM c-type SAN switches) have created a wave of industry leading new innovative software and hardware features. In this 3-part series of webinars, where we cover Why and How IBM c-type switches continue to keep SAN error-free, with guaranteed packet delivery, consistent latency, for NVMe and SCSI traffic. And how Cisco MDS 9000 series switches deliver frames from point A to point B, using its architectural advantages, scalable performance and flexible investment options.


Part 1: The architecture advantages: How IBM c-type SAN switches can provide consistent and guaranteed performance using its unique architecture.
Date: Thursday May 20th, 2021
Speaker: Bhavin Yadav, Cisco Technical Lead, Product Management Data Center Switching


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20 May 2021