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QRadar Apps have some files that are marked as sacrosanct - meaning that they cannot be overwritten or deleted by apps.

If an app zip contains files at the designated paths the files supplied in the app zip will be ignored and the sacrosanct files will be kept.

For example if an app zip contains a file that overwrites /bin/ it will be ignored and the sacrosanct file will be kept instead.

Please note that these sacrosanct checks happen when an app zip is extracted - be careful not to overwrite these important files at app install or runtime.


Sacrosanct File List

The following files are marked as sacrosanct:

  • /bin/
  • /bin/as_root
  • /bin/
  • /bin/
  • /bin/
  • /bin/
  • /startup.d/A0.*
  • /startup.d/A9.*

This list can be found inside the app container inside /opt/app-root/sacrosanct_files.txt.

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30 March 2021