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Flash: Some websheet tabs appear blank in Workspace only after upgrading.

Flashes (Alerts)


This alert is not considered as a data integrity or a security issue, rather, a proactive notice to customers who may be impacted by a recently reported software defect. This defect may impact use of IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services where some websheet tabs appear blank in Workspace only after upgrading. IBM has removed specific IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services versions from Fix Central. IBM will release a software fix as soon as possible.

This flash alert also applies to Planning Analytics on IBM Cloud.


This defect was introduced in the IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services release 2.0.61 where Websheets are loading as ‘blank’ within PA Workspace new experience, specifically Websheets with freeze panes. The issue occurs if the sheet has a freeze pane and wasn’t the first one loaded but was then selected to load with Workspace. Both 2.0.61 and 2.0.62 have this defect. TM1 Web is not affected by this defect, only Websheets in PA Workspace.

IBM Planning Analytics customers that have downloaded IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services releases 2.0.61 and 2.0.62 and also use PA Workspace are advised not to install these versions in production environments and to wait for the imminent release of 2.0.63 which has the defect fix.


Some Websheet tabs appear blank in Workspace only, after upgrading from 2.0.46 to 2.0.61, and from TM1 Web 2.0.9 to PASS 2.0.62


For any Websheets with freeze panes, please re-publish them without freeze panes as a temporary measure. If only one sheet in the Websheet has a freeze pane, then it would suffice to make that sheet the default sheet when published. Otherwise, IBM recommends an older version, such as 2.0.60, or waiting for 2.0.63 to come out with the proper fix for this defect.

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Modified date:
30 March 2021