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QRadar: IBM application cases and support policies

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This document outlines out-of-scope work for support cases related to IBM® Applications cases and the responsibilities of the QRadar administrator. 


Responsibilities for IBM Application issues

IBM® developed applications are provided from the IBM® X-Force® App Exchange. You can confirm whether IBM supports an app by navigating to the IBM App Exchange and sorting for IBM applications. Every app includes documentation information and support entitlement in the sidebar description for the app on the IBM App Exchange.

Support type Description Responsibility
Support for IBM application issues
QRadar® Support can assist with error messages, installation, or confirm product functionality for applications. QRadar Support can:
  1. Assist administrators with app installation issues from the IBM® exchange.
  2. Troubleshooting functional issues with apps after installation. For example,
    • An app fails to start after it is installed.
    • An app is in an error state or does not display data.
    • Configuration issues or clarifications from IBM Documentation.
    • Application error messages, such as 404 errors.
    • Issues where an application displays blank graphs or missing data in the user interface.
  3.  Troubleshooting app framework issues.
  4. Reviewing reported content issues installed by IBM applications, such as IBM developed rules, searches, reports, custom properties, reference sets, or dashboards.
  5. Troubleshooting connection issues, such as connecting to X-Force Threat Intelligence feeds.
  6. Ensuring that all apps are accessible in the user interface and troubleshooting display issues on supported browsers.
QRadar technical support

To open a case or report an IBM Applications error, contact QRadar technical support.
Out-of-scope for QRadar Support
The following topics are considered out-of-scope for technical support. QRadar Support reserves the right to close cases related to the following issues:
  • Providing support for any custom tuning and configuration of applications or tailor them to a customer’s environment.
  • Assistance in the installation or deletion of IBM App Exchange apps.
  • Application development questions or cases related to a future release of an IBM application. QRadar Support is not allowed to provide release dates or confirm application features for unreleased software.
  • Installing any apps that are not available on the IBM App Exchange.
  • Assist administrators to confirm that data is backed, or help restore data for an application, if available.
  • Tuning customer-created rules.
  • Creating custom rules, for example, User Behavior Analytics (UBA).
  • Provide legacy versions or downgrading applications for administrators.
  • Online documentation to help with configuring or tuning IBM apps. For example, the UBA user guide.
  • Community-based assistance from the IBM QRadar forums.

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09 December 2022