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IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks is a comprehensive set of software-defined storage solutions including data resources for file, object, and block data, as well as services for data management. Designed to simplify Cloud Pak setup with a storage layer that immediately integrates, this storage suite is tested with IBM Cloud Paks for a safe, quick deployment.

IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks Components:
• IBM Spectrum Scale: Enables high-performance, highly scalable storage for unstructured data.
• IBM Spectrum Discover: Provides modern metadata management with data insights for exabyte-scale unstructured storage.
• IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud: Delivers a hybrid multicloud solution for data mobility, disaster recovery, and cloud storage optimization.
• IBM Cloud Object Storage: Scales up to support more than an exabyte of storage capacity in a single object storage system and namespace.
• Red Hat Ceph Storage: Combines block, file, and object storage into one platform with an open, massively scalable software-defined storage solution.
• Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage (OCS): Offers container-native storage with highly available persistent block, file, or object storage.

Getting support for Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks

Support for all products in the suite will follow their standard, individual product support process and should be reported against the individual components of the Storage Suite. Red Hat components are initially supported by IBM support (non-defect).

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