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Four Things You Probably Don’t Know That TDMF Can Do



Join us to learn to learn about TDMF! IBM TDMF (Transparent Data Migration Facility) does much more than just migrate your mainframe data to new storage technology. What if you could quickly refresh the data in your Dev Ops test environment? Would you like to balance workloads across storage resources to improve performance and optimize capacity? What about moving data from a primary to a secondary site to enable a disaster recovery solution? Do you have a project for volume consolidation across different vendor sources? TDMF can help with all of this and more.


Rebecca Levesque, CEO and President, 21st Century Software,
Ken Strickland -Software Implementation Specialist, 21st Century Software, and
Brandon Wilkie-Software Developer, 21st Century Software

Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2021


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27 June 2022