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This document describes the fixes provided in IBM Copy Services Manager, as well as how to download the installation files for CSM

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IBM Copy Services Manager provides fixes on top of the CSM release.  Check out the What's new section of the IBM Copy Services Manager Release Notes V6.2.11 for more details about what the level offers.

The 6.2.x supported products and platforms pages reflect platform and device support.

What's fixed in this release


APAR PH33746

Upgrading Copy Services Manager to 6.2.11 overwrites customized property files when MIGRATE_FROM is not specified in IWNINSTL

Affected Domain  

Only Copy Services Manager installations on z/OS when the MIGRATE_FROM option is not set in IWNINSTL.  Neither distributed server installations nor installations on the DS8000 HMC are affected.


Copy Services Manager 6.2.11 added support to user MIGRATE_FROM specifying a backup .zip file for another Copy Services Manager server.  This change caused an issue for normal upgrades on z/OS which cause any custom properties to be overwritten unless the MIGRATE_FROM is specified on the IWNINSTL script.


It is highly recommended to use the PTF for z/OS to upgrade the server to the 6.2.11.x level. 

If you cannot upgrade using the PTF and need to upgrade with the PTF, make sure you are first on release 6.2.8 or higher.  Then take a backup of your server and use the MIGRATE_FROM option on IWNINSTL specifying the backup zip.  If the server level is less than 6.2.8, the backup will not contain the properties files and will not mitigate the issue.

Defect 82829
Copy Services Manager may hit a deadlock condition during startup, preventing the ability to issue commands to Safeguarded Copy session

Affected Domain  

Copy Services Manager servers upgrading to 6.2.11 and managing Safeguarded Copy sessions


A small timing window during the startup of the Copy Services Manager server may cause a deadlock in the server when the server starts up and detects that some hardware backups have rolled and others need to be expired due to retention settings.


Prior to installing the fixpack the issue can be mitigated with the following steps:

  1. Edit the server properties ( and add the following property:  csm.server.startup.statechecks.DelayInSeconds=120
  2. Save the properties and restart the server

The fixpack provides a fix that should prevent the issue from occurring.

APAR PH33309
Copy Services Manager hit an internal error after upgrade to 6.2.11 on HyperSwap command when z/OS Host connection was in a disconnected state

Affected Domain  

Copy Services Manager servers running sessions with HyperSwap enabled and z/OS Host connections to remote z/OS systems. 


Due to changes in the 6.2.11 release, the server attempts to get information from the z/OS host connection in order to create a unique ID.  If the z/OS host connection is disconnected, then the information cannot be obtained which leads to an internal error in attempting to issue a command that calls the z/OS system.  The HyperSwap command does not work if the z/OS Host system is not in a connected state, however, with the change an internal error occurred instead of a clear error message.


Ensure that the z/OS host system is in a connected state prior to issuing the command.

Defect 82797
The feature to support multiple z/OS Host connections to different sysplexes with the same name prevents the ability to create redundant z/OS Host connections.

Affected Domain  

This issue affects all configurations that attempt to setup multiple z/OS host connections to the same sysplex using different IP addresses or hostnames. 


In the 6.2.11 release a new feature was added to allow a customer to connect to multiple systems with the same sysplex name. This was done by appending the sysplex name and the connection hostname together to create a unique name for each connection.  This however, results in all connections being unique, so any connections that are actually connecting to the same sysplex through different IP addresses act like different connections thus breaking redundancy from the Copy Services Manager server to the sysplex.


There is no way to mitigate this after moving to 6.2.11.  We recommend that you move to the fixpack if you have redundant connections setup in your environment.

In the fixpack release, the change to concatenate the sysplex name and the hostname for the connection to create a unique connection has been removed.  This allows multiple connections that are in fact to the same sysplex, to once again provide redundancy to the sysplex.  In order to support multiple sysplexes with the same name the following steps can be used that will allow a customer to create their own unique name for any of the connections.  By creating their own unique name, the Copy Services Manager server will use the user defined name instead of the name defined on the sysplex, thus allowing multiple connections to sysplexes with the same name.

1. Create a file in <install_root>liberty/wlp/usr/servers/csmServer/properties with the file name zosSysplexAlias.csv
2. For each host connection that is supposed to be given a different Sysplex name than the pre-defined name in the system, create a line with the following format: hostname:port,systemName,newSysplexID


3. Ensure that all host connections are added
4. Restart the Copy Services Manager server.
5.For each session that is associated with the changed sysplex ID, open the session properties and set the z/OS Sysplex Association to the correct Sysplex ID. Then, re-enable HyperSwap or Hardened Freeze as needed.
Defect 82795
The Copy Services Manager add copy set wizard does not allow intracluster relationships to different IOGroups for Spectrum Virtualize systems

Affected Domain  

Copy Services Manager servers managing remote copy relationships for Spectrum Virtualize based storage systems.


The Copy Services Manager add copy set wizard does not allow customers to choose a source and target volume on the same cluster but in different IOgroups.  This was not allowed on older Spectrum Virtualize systems and the Copy Services Manager wizard was never updated to support the new capability.


There is no mitigation for the issue.  Upgrade to the Copy Services Manager fixpack to receive the change that will allow customers to choose source and targets from the same cluster but in different IOgroups.

Defect 82737
Copy Services Manager log package incorrectly includes some FlashCopy relationships in count for Total Licensed Capacity

Affected Domain  

All 6.2.8 to levels of Copy Services Manager.


Starting in the 6.2.8 release of Copy Services Manager, a new volume-relationships-summary.log file is generated when PE package is generated for the server.  This file summarizes the number of volumes in various relationship types (remote copy, point in time copy, etc) as well as the total capacity managed by those replication types.  An issue was found where the field “Total Licensed Capacity (SRC RVUs replicated)” was including the counts for some Global Mirror journal volumes which should not have been counted. 


Prior to the fixpack use the field “Total Capacity of RC Source Volumes” if you want to know the total capacity for source volumes replicated. 

Starting with, the file has been modified with the following fixes/changes:

  1. The field will no longer be called “Total Licensed Capactiy (SRC RVUs replicated)” as CSM may be license through other means such as Spectrum Control and thus the name can be confusing.  Instead, the field will now be called. “Total Capacity for unique data replicated by RC (volume not RC tgt) or SafeGuarded Copy (volume not RC src of tgt)”.  And the calculation should more accurately depict both source data replicated as well as Safeguarded Copy source data (not already counted in remote copy replicated session).
  2. Safeguarded Copy source and recovery volumes now split out from Point in Time copy counts. 
Defect 80454
Performance issues when loading Safeguarded Copy Session details in sessions with large configurations

Affected Domain  

All Copy Services Manager servers managing a Safeguarded Copy session with a large number of volumes and backups.


The Copy Services Manager GUI was experiencing long load times for backup information, when viewing the details of Safeguarded Copy sessions with a large number of volumes and backups. 


Customers can use the Copy Services Manager CLI or REST interface to query session details.

Starting with the Copy Services Manager fixpack release, a change has been made to improve the performance of the load time on the session details panel for Safeguarded Copy sessions.  It is recommended to move to if you manage a large configuration with Safeguarded Copy. 


Fix Central is the IBM recommended site for retrieving fixes for most products. Fix Central enables customers to search, select, and download appropriate fixes for their situation. IBM Copy Services Manager 6.2.x fixes are available only from Fix Central. What is Fix Central (FC)?

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Download Package

New Installations

The following table lists where to download the installation files and/or enablement files for new installations.

IBM Copy Services Manager license purchased Installation File Location Enablement File Location
IBM Copy Services Manager license from Passport Advantage (5725-Z54) Distributed Install Images Download IBM Copy Services Manager V6.2.11 using Passport Advantage Online Download IBM Copy Services Manager V6.2.11 using Passport Advantage Online
z/OS Install Images
Not entitled
Not entitled
IBM Copy Services Manager for z/OS (5698-E01) Distributed Install Images Fix Central The enablement files for Distributed installations are available for entitled CSM z/OS customers via LCD8-2735-01 IBM Copy Services Manager for z/OS Systems License Keys CD in shopZ. 
z/OS Install Images Under 5698-E01 on shopZ Installed with the z/OS installation of 5698-E01 on shopZ
IBM Copy Services Manager DS8000 Advanced Function Distributed Install Images Pre-Installed on DS8000 8.1.1 or higher HMC Available through DSFA when they purchase an 8.1 or higher system. A key will be provided that can be loaded onto the HMC via the DSCLI.
z/OS Install Images
Not entitled
Not entitled
IBM Copy Services Manager via Spectrum Control entitlement Distributed Install Images Fix Central The enablement files can be found under the Spectrum Control eAssembly in Passport Advantage online, under part number CN8DJEN.
z/OS Install Images
Not entitled
Not entitled


This refresh pack is a full version of IBM Copy Services Manager. The refresh pack media does not include the enablement files.  If installing without the enablement files, the install will be done with an Evaluation license agreement and the enablement files will need to be applied later for full functionality of the product.

To download the individual fix packages for a desired operating system, follow the download links below.

Windows Storage_CSM_Setup_6.2.11.1_Win Feb 2021 482.3 Fix Central
Linux Storage_CSM_Setup_6.2.11.1_Linux-x86_64 Feb 2021 439.6 Fix Central
Linux on z Systems Storage_CSM_Setup_6.2.11.1_Linux-s390x Feb 2021 435.0 Fix Central
Linux on PowerPC Storage_CSM_Setup_6.2.11.1_Linux-ppc Feb 2021 447.5 Fix Central
Linux on PowerPC LE Storage_CSM_Setup_6.2.11.1_Linux-ppcle Feb 2021 445.4 Fix Central
AIX Storage_CSM_Setup_6.2.11.1_AIX Feb 2021 455.0 Fix Central
z/OS PTF UI73780 Feb 2021

CLI ONLY Installations

The following images are available to install a Remote version of the IBM Copy Services Manager CLI. Download the package pertaining the platform you wish to install the CLI on NOT the platform that the IBM Copy Services Manager is running on.

Windows Storage_CSM_CLI_6.2.11.1_Win Feb 2021 180.5 Fix Central
Linux Storage_CSM_CLI_6.2.11.1_Linux-x86_64 Feb 2021 137.1 Fix Central
Linux on z Systems Storage_CSM_CLI_6.2.11.1_Linux-s390x Feb 2021 134.7 Fix Central
Linux on PowerPC Storage_CSM_CLI_6.2.11.1_Linux-ppc Feb 2021 147.1 Fix Central
Linux on PowerPC LE Storage_CSM_CLI_6.2.11.1_Linux-ppcle Feb 2021 145.1 Fix Central
AIX Storage_CSM_CLI_6.2.11.1_AIX Feb 2021 152.5 Fix Central
z/OS Storage_CSM_CLI_6.2.11.1_zOS Feb 2021 366.8 Fix Central

[{"Line of Business":{"code":"LOB26","label":"Storage"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU058","label":"IBM Infrastructure w\/TPS"},"Product":{"code":"STGR2Q","label":"IBM Copy Services Manager"},"ARM Category":[{"code":"a8m0z000000cwa7AAA","label":"Install\/Upgrade->Downloads"}],"ARM Case Number":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"},{"code":"PF035","label":"z\/OS"}],"Version":"6.2.11"}]

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12 February 2021