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HIPER (Doc Number=6793): High Impact / Highly Pervasive APAR IJ30108

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HIPER (Doc Number=6793): High Impact / Highly Pervasive APAR IJ30108


IJ30108 - ksh failures on AIX 7.2 TL05

On AIX 7.2 TL05, applications, scripts, or commands using ksh can exit prematurely due to a couple issues:

  1. "pwd" can core dump for symbolic links where the target directory path length is greater than the symlink path length.
  2. When "set -u" is enabled, parameter expansion such as "${param:-default}" will fail with the error "ksh: : 0403-041 Parameter not set." if the parameter is unset.

Affected AIX Levels and Recommended Fixes

Minimum Affected Level Maximum Affected Level Fixing Level Interim Fix
Note: Installation of these fixes does not require a reboot.

The table above describes which active levels are affected and where to obtain fixes.
Prior to the APAR Fix being available, an Interim Fix (iFix) is available for each affected level.
The available iFixes may only apply to the latest Service Packs. If a custom iFix is required please contact IBM Support.
The iFixes can be downloaded from the same location using ftp, http, or https.

Doc number: 6793Published date: 20210206

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06 February 2021