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Building small and medium SANs with IBM FlashSystem for Flash and NVMe Solutions



Come and learn from Tim Jeka, as he will provide details about 1) how to architect and build entry and medium size storage area networks for the IBM FlashSystem product line including the new FS5200, 2) the tools that are available to quickly and easily setup and manage the SAN, such as EZSwitch Setup and Webtools, 3) how the network technologies compare when using the new protocol, NVMe over Fabrics, 4) the latest ATG test results that demonstrate the benefits of using NVMe /FC for database applications in a VMware environment. This is a great opportunity to build or enhance your storage area networking skills.


Speakers: Tim Jeka, Broadcom - Field Application Engineer

Date:  Tuesday March 2, 2021


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02 March 2021