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QMF for Workstation v12 for MAC users running Big Sur



QMF for Workstation does not work on Mac OS after upgrade to Big Sur.


After Big Sur update on Mac, QMF for Workstation starts however it is not responding to any commands, it freezes out.

Resolving The Problem

To get around the problem with QMF for Workstation on a Mac OS with Big Sur installed, please try the following steps:

  1. Setup VMware Fusion 12 on Windows 10 VM running Mac Big Sur and download QMF 12.1
  2. Recover and run the original queries as follows:
    1. Each QMF user in Windows OS has their home directory, by default located at,  %user.home%\AppData\Roaming\IBM\QMF for Workstation. To redirect AppData to a different directory you need to first create a new folder in Windows, for example c:\qmf 
    2. Next, modify the QMF for Workstation, exclipse.ini file, located in the installation directory for QMF for Workstation, by adding a variable pointing to the path to the new folder -Dqmf.instance.area=c:/qmf, as shown in the following example:
      • -vmargs
    3. Then, modify QMF for Workstation\configuration\config.ini file with the new directory, as shown in the following
      • osgi.configuration.area=c:/qmf
    4. Save a copy of the repositories.xml and bi.jdbc.drivers files located in the user's home directory to the the Application Data folder in Windows OS.
    5. Disable Shared Folders within VMware Fusion.

When loading the application for the first time, please exit as soon as the load completes and restart.
To share any files/results back with Mac, try to use BOX.

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28 January 2021