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QRadar: Failure to add Data Gateway to QRadar on Cloud (QRoC) Console



A Data Gateway (DG) cannot be added to a QRoC Console as the script to do so fails. 


After the script to attach a Data Gateway (DG) to a QRoC Console is run, it fails with the following error:
# /opt/qradar/bin/ mh_setup interactive -p

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/qradar/bin/", line 3904, in <module>
  File "/opt/qradar/bin/", line 3878, in main
    qradarNetsetup = QradarNetsetup()
  File "/opt/qradar/bin/", line 448, in __init__
    nvaConfFile = IbmPropertiesFile(os.environ.get("NVA_CONF"))
TypeError: __init__() should return None, not 'IbmPropertiesFile'
Exiting by user request...


This issue is caused by NVA_CONF environment variable is not present in the root user bash profile. 


QRoC Data Gateways

Diagnosing The Problem

Run the following command as the root user:
env | grep NVA
If no output is generated, then the environment variable is missing.

Resolving The Problem

  1. Log in as the root user by using SSH or a Serial Console type connection.
    Note: If the current user is a sudoer (default user in Cloud deployments such as Azure), then switch to root user by running:
    sudo su - 
  2. Set the environment variable by running:
    export NVA_CONF=/opt/qradar/conf/nva.conf
  3. Verify the variable is now present:
    env | grep NVA
  4. Rerun the utility to attach the DG:
    /opt/qradar/bin/ mh_setup interactive -p

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08 January 2021