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TS7700 Best Practices



The TS7700 Virtualization Engine can be left running like a black box; however many enhancements were made available, both via code releases and new hardware platforms, since its inception in 2007 so altering the black box default settings is necessary to take advantage of the new enhancements and can result in improving the grid operations as well as RPO. Furthermore, the TS7700 collects statistics that can be used for performance management, capacity planning and auditing. This webinar session will provide and share the TS7700 best practices to get the optimum performance out of the TS7700 and to review the available IBM tape tools that can be used to generate TS7700 performance, capacity and auditing reports.


Speakers: Toy Phouybanhdyt, Tape Client Technical Specialist

Date:  Thursday, February 11th, 2021



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11 February 2021