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Enhancements around iOS User Enrollment feature

Release Notes


MaaS360 now it makes it easy for the administrators to link Managed Apple IDs to corresponding user records in bulk and send multiple User enrollment requests at once. MaaS360 also adds minor enhancements to Enrollments and User Directory list view pages.


Linking Managed Apple IDs to users in bulk

You can leverage the bulk add/update users feature to link Managed Apple IDs to multiple users at once. This feature greatly simplifies the way the Managed Apple IDs are associated with the corresponding user records.

Follow these steps to link Managed Apple IDs to new users:

  1. Navigate to Users > Directory.
  2. Select More > Bulk Import Users and then download the sample Bulk Upload Users file.
  3. Add the new column Managed Apple ID, add corresponding values, and then import the CSV/Excel file.

Follow these steps to link Managed Apple IDs to existing users:

  1. Navigate to Users > Directory.
  2. In the Users list page, select Export at the bottom-right corner.
  3. Add the new column Managed Apple ID, add corresponding values, and then import the CSV/Excel file.


  • Provide a valid Managed Apple ID. The records that have invalid Managed Apple IDs will not be uploaded and will be marked as a failed. The bulk upload summary email will have this information.
  • If the Managed Apple ID matches with the existing records, the Managed Apple ID already exists message is displayed.

Sending multiple User Enrollment requests in bulk

The Bulk Add feature in Device Enrollments simplifies the User Enrollment process by allowing you to create multiple enrollment requests through a CSV or a TXT file.

Follow these steps to send multiple User Enrollment requests at once:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Enrollments.
  2. Select Other Enrollment Options > Bulk Add.
  3. Download the sample file.
  4. Provide a value: Yes or No under the Enroll Using iOS User Enrollment column and then import the CSV/TXT file.


  • Supported only for the iOS platform.
  • Not supported for SPS customers and cannot be used for device activation.
  • Not supported for seamless enrollment.
  • The Employee Owned value must be selected in the Ownership column for User Enrollments.
  • The user must be associated with the request and the Managed Apple ID must be linked to the associated user.
  • For Mixed mode customers, if the auth mode must be Enrollment(set by comment starting with MDM).
  • Not supported with the Override Authentication Mode.
  • For Mixed mode customers, User Enrollment is supported only with MDM Enrollment and not with activation.

Other enhancements:

  • Added Managed Apple ID column to the User Directory page to easily track user records that are not associated with the corresponding Managed Apple ID.
  • The Request Type column in the Device Enrollments page will show MDM (Apple User Enrollment) for User Enrollment requests.
Request type user enroll

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Modified date:
09 March 2021