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LPAR boot on POWER9 stops with CA000040



LPAR boot on a POWER9 system may hang with code CA000040. In iqyylog SRC B200F003 might be reported.


LPAR does not boot and no access to SMS is possible.


This issue is caused by a new timer variable implemented at Power9 used for creating delay timers. All Power9 systems would be exposed, if those servers are not restarted for 814 days.


Any POWER9 system.  The solution is provided in FW930.30, FW950.00, and FW940.30.

Diagnosing The Problem

To verify how long a system has been running, check the SRC history via ASMI with celogin:
System Information -> Progress Indicator History
Check if the system is up >= 814 days based on the time stamp on the STANDBY entry.
A non-disruptive resource dump would include this information also.


Resolving The Problem

Workaround is to set the LPAR processor compatibility mode to POWER8 until firmware fix is installed. This needs to be done for any LPAR facing the problem.
Powering the system off/on will reset the timer.

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22 September 2021