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Validity periods verified by the Cloud Pak for Data

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Are the validity periods in SAML response verified by the Cloud Pak for Data ? 


Yes. Cloud Pak for Data verifies the validity period as returned by the Identity provider in the SAML response.

A sample SAML response's assertion may have this condition:

<saml:Conditions NotBefore="2020-11-06T14:54:11Z" NotOnOrAfter="2020-11-06T14:59:11Z">

Based on the values NotBefore and NotOnOrAfter in the example above, the validity period of the response is decided. The validity period in this example is 5 mins. If the response is sent before “2020-11-06T14:54:11Z” or sent on or after "2020-11-06T14:59:11Z” it will not be accepted by Cloud Pak for Data.

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17 November 2020