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New data exploration capabilities with IBM Spectrum Discover Version 2.0.4



Join us for an update on the latest release of IBM Spectrum Discover - version 2.0.4. We'll look at the all-new user interface, highlighting overall look and feel as well as new functionality. Management policies have been extended to move data between various storage systems - beyond IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM Spectrum Archive - including combinations of NFS, cloud, etc. For those interested in how to use Discover for data wrangling in association with AI and analytics, we'll discuss how it facilitates the Data Accelerator for AI and Analytics solution.


Date: Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Speakers: Isom Crawford, Defined Infrastructure Subject Matter Expert and Norm Bogard, Sr. IT Specialist for Spectrum Storage Technical Team, both from the Advanced Technology Group and Guest Speaker Mike Harvey, Sr. VP of Business Development, Moonwalk Universal


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21 January 2021