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Cannot Delete Directory Entry or User Profile Resulting in Message CPF9071



This document describes a scenario to resolve message CPF9071 when deleting a directory entry.

Resolving The Problem

In ADDDIRE, the user profile of BOBBY was incorrectly created with a user ID of BOBBIE.
An attempt was made to create a directory entry with a user profile of BOBBY and a directory entry of BOBBY.
The IBM System i system would not allow this.

Next, a user profile of TEST was created, and the previous directory entry for BOBBIE was changed to a
user profile of TEST. Now you are free to create the correct directory entry of BOBBY with a user profile
However, now it is not possible to delete the directory entry for BOBBIE or the user profile of TEST.
Message CPF9071 is issued for both attempted deletions.

QMSF was ended, and the directory entry still cannot be deleted. The


command was issued, and it was discovered that there was a QZLSFILE job owned by BOBBIE that
was holding a lock on QAOKL03A. That job was ended, and it was then possible to remove the directory
entry for BOBBIE and delete the user profile of TEST.
If WRKOBJLCK does not find any locks, there is a DSPLCKSTS command that is part of the QSPTLIB tools that one can try.  QSPTLIB can be installed via the QMGTOOLS.  Please use this document to install QMGTOOLS:
Once QMGTOOLS is installed, do a 'ADDLIBLE QMGTOOLS' and hit enter.  Then do a 'GO MG' and hit enter.  Select Option 22 for QSPTLIB menu and install the tools.  Once Option 22 works and takes you to the QSPTLIB menu, go back to a command line and run this command:
This will create a spooled file.  Review the spooled file and see if there are any jobs holding locks that are running under the profile that the directory entry is being deleted for.  End that job and try to delete the directory entry again.

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