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TS7700 Library Request Command V5.1b (V5.11b is added)

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The IBM TS7700 Series is the industry leading tape virtualization product that has revolutionized the way mainframe customers utilize their tape resources. Tape virtualization subsystems have become an essential part of most mainframe customer’s operations. Massive amounts of key customer data are placed under the control of the subsystem. The IBM TS7700, with its virtual tape drives, disk cache and integrated hierarchical storage management, is designed to perform its tasks with no customer involvement once it has been configured. However, as a customer, you may still need (and sometimes just want) to understand what is going on under the covers to:

* Assess the current utilization of the resources under the management of the TS7700

* Perform problem determination

* Perform proactive management of the resources.

This white paper describes a facility of the TS7700 that supports a z/OS Library Request host console command allowing an operator to request information pertaining to the current operational state of the TS7700, its logical and physical volumes, and its physical resources. Although the command is primarily for information retrieval, it can also be used to initiate outboard operations. It is assumed throughout this white paper that the reader is familiar with the TS7700 and the use of host console commands and responses.


The document includes the updates for R5.1PGA1 (
White Paper - TS7700 Library Request Command V5.0a.pdf
V5.11b just updates STATUS, GRIDLINK percent retransmitted description:
White Paper - TS7700 Library Request Command V5.0a.pdf

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25 April 2021