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zBNA is a PC-based productivity tool designed to provide a means of estimating the elapsed time for batch jobs solely based on the differences in CPU speeds for a base processor and a target processor, the number of engines on each system, and system capacities; data sharing is not considered. zBNA provides powerful, graphic demonstration of the z/OS batch window.

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Windows 10 64-bit
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Click to download the zBNA install package which includes the required IBM CPS Java V8 

To install zBNA on a Mac: Please go to "System Preferences" --> "Security and Privacy" --> "General" and ensure the radio button "Allow apps downloaded from: App Store and identified developers" is selected. Then go through the install and in response to the prompt: "zBNA was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer". Select "Open Anyway". Please review the Installation Guide for CPS Tools on macOS for more details.

 Obtain the CP3KEXTR program 

CP3KEXTR runs on a System z processor under z/OS. It reads the SMF records to produce an Enterprise Data File (.edf) that contains the SMF Type 70's & 113 data and a (.dat) file, which contains the Type 14, 15, 16, 30 (4) (5), 42 (6) data as input to zBNA.

Access the CP3KEXTR materials.

A summary of what has changed in the latest zBNA release.
 zBNA Basics 
Navigating zBNA.
 zBNA Education 
 A new named favorite is introduced in zBNA for the IBM z15 Integrated Accelerator for Z Sort (  MP4 version  ) 
 A new named favorite is introduced in zBNA for the IBM z15 Integrated Accelerator for Z Sort ( PDF version )
Step-by-step instructions to help familiarize with zBNA's functions.
Data to use for the zBNA hands-on labs.
From the August 2015 "Open Mic" FAQ Forum session describing the latest update at that time plus a demo.
From the February 2014 "Open Mic" FAQ Forum session, which mainly focused on estimating zEDC.

Installation of zBNA on Windows

Note : While a new installation should install over a previous one, it is recommended to first perform an uninstall using Program and Features.

After downloading the package file for zBNA, execute it by:

selecting RUN under the Windows START button,

opening a MS-DOS command prompt window in the directory were the package file was saved and typing the filename or opening the folder where the file was saved; double click on the filename.

Note : If an error occurs when starting zBNA, please send the error file to .

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