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IBM Watson Care Manager Release Notes November 2020

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IBM® Watson™ Care Manager November 2020 Release Notes


Welcome to the November release of Watson Care Manager.  Care teams can now see other care team member's clients if they have access to those clients. The client data change history is now enhanced so that care teams can see all updated information. Administrators can subscribe external systems to notifications about completed questionnaires so that external systems can retrieve them through an API. In addition, there are updates to data in Reporting. 
To see a video that highlights the enhancements that are introduced in this release, see our November show and tell video here.
So that you can more easily identify the changes that apply to your instance of Watson Care Manager, updates are tagged as follows:
  • Watson Care Manager - these updates are for all Watson Care Manager customers.
  • Reporting  - these items apply to all Watson Care Manager customers that use Watson Care Manager Reporting.
  • Service Providers  - these items apply to Watson Care Manager customers with the Providers feature enabled.
  • Organization Units - these updates are for all Watson Care Manager customers with Organization Units enabled.
  • Community Service Referral - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Watson Care Manager Community Service Referral add-on.
  • Community Service Payment - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Watson Care Manager Community Service Payment add-on.
  • Connect Providers - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Watson Care Manager Connect Providers add-on.
  • Connect Individuals - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Watson Care Manager Connect Individual add-on.
  • Connect 360 - these items apply to customers who are integrated with the IBM Health and Human Services Connect 360 application.
What's new for care teams

Viewing other care team members' clients

Watson Care Manager

So that you can view other care team members' clients for staff coverage purposes, you can now search for Watson Care Manager users and view, sort and filter their list of clients. You can see the number of open tasks and referrals that are associated with the client. If you have access to the client, you can open their Summary view and manage their care. Note: Your access to clients depends on the data access options that are configured by your organization.

Enhanced client data change history

Watson Care Manager
Previously, when you updated client data, the change history for the record showed only a summary description of the client data and not all of the record details. So that you have a full view of changes, you can now expand each version of the record in the change history to see a historical view of all details that are recorded.

Note and touchpoint creation time update

Watson Care Manager
Previously, when you created a note or a touchpoint, the creation date defaulted to the current date and the time defaulted to 12:00 AM. The time now defaults to the current time. When you edit a draft or ready for review note or touchpoint, the time defaults to the time that the note or touchpoint was created.
What's new for administrators
Subscribing to questionnaire notifications

Watson Care Manager

So that external systems that are integrated with Watson Care Manager can receive notifications when care teams complete client questionnaires in Watson Care Manager, you can now subscribe them to questionnaire notifications. Watson Care Manager sends a notification to the external system about the update (via webhooks) so that the external system can retrieve the latest version of the data through the Questionnaires API.

What's new for reporting
New laboratory test result data

So that you can create reports that contain laboratory test result dates, a Result Date attribute is now added to the Laboratory Test data set in the Clinical Data folder.
What's new for integrations and APIs
Updated API
Watson Care Manager
  • Questionnaires API -The Questionnaires API is now updated so that external systems can retrieve completed client questionnaires that are configured to be shared in Watson Care Manager. When the questionnaire is retrieved by an external system through the API, users of the external system can view the questionnaire records and have a more complete view of the client’s context.
Resolved issues
Watson Care Manager
  • When security administrators try to reopen a closed Watson Care Manager user account, an error message displays. If you encounter this issue, please submit a case on the Watson Health Support portal to resolve. This issue will be resolved in a future release. (265679, INC3032956)
Known Issues

Watson Care Manager

  • When you filter Notes Highlights for the last month, highlights from over a month ago are displayed in addition to highlights for the last month. (245154)
  • If you try to complete certain actions, for example, create a referral or assign a program, and you do not have access to the client, you cannot complete the action and no error message is displayed. If you are sure that you need access to the client, either request emergency access to the client or ask a care team member to add you to the client's care team. (259832)
  • When selecting to show or hide a source or original source system in the Administration workspace, in some instances, an incorrect error message with invalid codes is displayed. Ignore this message and continue to show or hide the selected value. (261380)
  • If you assign a program when you assign a referral in the Care Team workspace, and you are not on the client's care team, an error message saying 'You don't have access to the client' is displayed. To avoid this issue, assign the program after you assign the referral. (262377)
  • When care teams download a client share care Plan PDF that includes more than 150 configured client data records, a timeout error message is displayed. To avoid this issue, configure the Share Care Plan template to print a maximum of 150 configured client data type records. Configure fewer client data versions to show or adjust the number of display records to accommodate no more than 150 configured client data type records. (262352)
  • If a client data type is activated for the first time with an effective from date in the future, an error is displayed on the client's Data page. To avoid this, create your client data types on the date they are effective from, so the date isn't in the future. (262482)
  • If you edit a date data attribute for a client data type, and select Current Date Comparison, then Custom Message, and enter an incorrect message ID, the custom message fields are no longer visible. To see the fields, select None, then re-select Current Date Comparison and Custom Message. (264393)
  • When you configure a client data attribute to not use the default value, the value is still visible to care team members. As a workaround, care team members can delete the default value and enter another value. (263255)
  • When you configure an information message for a client data type cluster, the message is displayed twice. To avoid this, you can add a description to the data cluster instead of an information message. The description displays to care team members below the cluster title. (263229)
  • When adding or editing a data attribute of type Boolean or Date, for a client data type, you must click Save twice to save the record. (262898)
  • If you delete a data attribute from a client data type and that attribute was used in a duplicate validation, the validation is not automatically deleted. If you encounter this issue, you can manually delete the validation. (264986)
  • If you edit a client data attribute of type integer, float, or money that has a minimum value but no maximum value, or has a maximum value but no minimum value, the other field displays Null and a validation message is shown. To resolve this issue, remove the Null value and click Save. (264418)
  • If you click the Search Third Party SSO Users action or the Onboard Third-Party SSO User action in the Security Administrator workspace, an error message displays. This issue will be addressed in a future release. (264927).
  • Do not include underscores in attribute names when you configure new client data types. If you do this, an error message displays when the care team add the client data type. If you encounter this issue, 1) Delete the previous version of the data type or go back to the last working version. 2) Create a new version. 3) Rename any attributes with an underscore. If you cannot rename the attribute, delete and re-add it. 4) Activate the client data type. (265629, INC3019996)


  • The reporting application is treating Allergy names as case-sensitive, for example, when you generate a report of the number of clients with specific allergy types, allergy names in different cases are being considered as two different allergies. (224396)
  • If you create a report that contains height data, measurement time data is not displayed. (250238)
    Assessment and questionnaire data is directly linked to each client. When you create a report that contains assessment or questionnaire data, and program data, the assessment or questionnaire data is displayed for all programs to which the client is assigned. This behavior occurs regardless of whether the program contains that particular assessment or questionnaire content. (261299)
  • When you create assessment and questionnaires reports and include Assessments by Program data items or Questionnaires by Program Name data items, no data is displayed. (INC2413936, 261278)
  • When SSO is enabled, if you sign out of the reporting application, you are automatically signed back in. If you experience this issue, sign out of the Watson Care Manager application, then sign out of the reporting application. (263876)
  • The help icon is not displayed when you log in to the reporting application. To see the help icon, click the area to the right of the user icon in the application toolbar. The help icon becomes available. (263869)
  • When care teams set a note or touchpoint to final, the note or touchpoint text is incorrectly shown in both the note field and the comments field in reports. If there are comments associated with the note or touchpoint, they display as additional rows. (265647)
Watson Care Manager Connect 360
  • If you register a client in Watson Care Manager, Connect 360 checks for a match and if no match is found, automatically registers the client in Connect 360. If you subsequently search for the client in Watson Care Manager and Connect 360, the search results indicate that the client is registered in both applications. However, if you then open the client’s Virtual Client Record, an inaccurate error message displays. (242258)
  • When you search for a client in both systems a misleading error message is intermittently displayed. The message indicates that the search results show only Watson Care Manager clients. The message displays  only when the client you searched for was originally registered in Watson Care Manager and subsequently registered in Connect 360 automatically. Ignore this message, the client exists in both systems and is shown in the search results as expected. (256209, 252716)
Watson Care Manager Community Service Payment
  • If you are using payments, do not use 2 weekly or 4 weekly services. There is an issue with payment calculations for services with frequencies of 2 weekly and 4 weekly. (242597)

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