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How to check whether your configuration group is in sync?

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How to check whether your configuration group is in sync?


The configuration group defines a group of servers that share configuration. This setup is critical in multi-server installations so that configuration values remain available and consistent on all nodes, even after network partitions. The configuration group contact host runs on the same instance as the active Content Manager.

The rest of the servers need to be looking at the active Content Manager as the leader.

Diagnostic logging and customizations can be affected by the servers not recognizing the Active Content Manager as the leader. 

The steps to verify the configuration group is in sync are - 
  1. Launch the dispatcher URI - http://Servername:Port/bi/v1/disp, and login as administrator.
  2. In the same session, open another tab on the browser with the url http://Servername:Port/bi/v1/flipper/diag. Depending on the browser, you get a text page or a prompt to download a JSON file.  
  3. This file contains the configuration group information and the leader information - 
       "leaderInfo": "LeaderInfo: selfisLeader: true, leader base URL: https:\/\/, group size 1, position in group 0"
    In this example, I have a Single server installation, and it is looking to itself(Active CM) as the leader. 
    In a Multi server env, it will show selfisLeader: false, and point to the primary CM. 
  4. If all or some of the servers are not looking at the IBM Content Manager, or are looking at themselves as the leader, the group is out of sync. 
  5. The steps to ensure the configuration group is in sync are -
                 - Any config changes made in the manage UI will have to be redone, after completing these steps
                 -  Delete the flipper repository.  Stop all Cognos Analytics instances.
                 -  Delete all files in these folders on all installs: 
                             {install location}/configuration/data/discovery/
                             {install location}/configuration/data/flipper/config including the hidden '.git' folder.

                 -  Then start the primary CM first, and then start the other installs in sequence.

Then, run step 1 & 2 and verify that they're all looking at the Active CM as the leader.

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