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In this Gist, I show how you can leverage ACS's jar that is shipped on your IBM i to do your bidding. In this case, we can automate the creation and downloading of a spreadsheet to an IFS file where the contents of the spreadsheet is controlled with an SQL query.
Spreadsheet automation
Use ACS on your IBM i to build spreadsheets.sql
This example simplifies a previous gist. ACS is now being shipped on your IBM i via PTFs. Subsequent PTFs ship when major enhancements are made to ACS.
Spreadsheet automation
Generating spreadsheets with SQL.sql
In this working example, we establish an SQL table that contains the spreadsheets we'd like to have generated. Each row in the table includes the query that supplies the data for the spreadsheet, and the location in the IFS where the spreadsheet should reside. Further, a different procedure emails the spreadsheets to an interested consumer.
Spreadsheet automation,
email automation
ZDA mystery solved
This example shows several things worthy of attention. System managers can utilize exit program to establish improved auditing, understanding, and real-time business rules using SQL. For QZDASOINIT jobs, it can be easily considered an unsolvable mystery. With the help of Db2 for i Client Special Registers, we can understand a great deal about ZD…
Exit programs
iSee Video Tutorials Topic
Extract your DDL and Save it
We all have great procedures for saving the data on our systems. But if something were to happen to your database table, you might have the data, but do you have the DDL to be able to easily rebuild everything?   In this session we will look at how to easily extract the DDL such that you have that key description information for the future.
Reverse engineering database objects
Convert your DDS to DDL
Many of us have DDS today that still is used to describe our data. We have asked, 'how to I convert that to DDL?' , 'Is there some magic tool?'.   In this session we are not going to show you any magic, but we are going to look at some methods that will empower you to be able to take those key files created with DDS and easily convert them to a table with DDL. This is an important step in being able to take advantage for the latest in database technology. 
Database modernization
Spreadsheet Automation on IBM i with SQL & ACS
Spreadsheets, it is something so many of us rely on them every day for reviewing and understanding our business. The question is, how do you create those Spreadsheets?  Using some simple building blocks, you can automate the extraction of data and the building of a spreadsheet on your IBM i (yes... your IBM i) without adding ANY additional software. It's all on your system already!   In this session, we will show you a progression of using SQL to build a data set (either from Db2, or IBM i Service) using ACS to build a spreadsheet, show how to automate that process so its happens every day at a set time, and lastly email that spreadsheet to a list of users.   This can all be done on your IBM i today! 
Spreadsheet automation,
email automation
Manage your IFS with IBM i Services and ACS
With IBM i 7.3 TR8 and IBM i 7.4 TR2, there are many new IBM i Services that can really help make the management and understanding of your IFS easier. In this session we will look at some practical examples on how to better manage your Integrated File System (IFS) along with some new features to improve your experience with IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS).
IFS management
Getting ACS
How do you get IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS)?   There are several ways, in this session we will review the download option, but also explore the new PTF delivery method.  Yes, you can now get the latest updates for ACS via a PTF
Updating ACS
ACS, Getting started with Run SQL Scripts and IBM i Services
In this very first iSee session, we show you some tips and features on how to best use the IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) Run SQL Scripts interface as you start to explore the power of IBM i Services.
Run SQL Scripts
iSee, Actually I Don't!! Where did the Db2 Health Center Go??
The Db2 for i Health Center helps you with understanding and keeping your database healthy and happy. If you have used this interface in the past, it was part of the Heritage Navigator interface, but won't be found in the New Navigator as database features are found within IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS).
So, where do you look within ACS to find the Db2 Health Center? This session will help you first, find the Health Center, and more importantly help you see why its a must to keep the "heart of the system" beating in a happy rhythm.
Db2 Health Center

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