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Integrated Web Application Server for IBM i

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The integrated Web application server for IBM i is a lightweight Java™ application server that contains a Web servlet container that is readily accessible and provides a flexible foundation for developing jsp and servlet-based Java applications.

Latest announcement

Run integrated Web application servers in user-defined subsystems (10 January 2020)
Support has been added in the Web Administration Interface for enabling you to run integrated application servers in user-defined subsystems. By dividing your servers into multiple subsystems you gain several advantages, including: (1) better control over what work is running in each subsystem; (2) improved scalability and availability by having a single subsystem do work for fewer servers; and (3) allowing for additional options for performance tuning.

Preparing for the end of Java 7 support: How it affects integrated web application server (3 April 2019)
End of support for Java 7 by IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty - which integrated web application server (IAS) is based on - is scheduled for September 2019. What does that mean for your current IAS installations?

End of support for Java 7 by Liberty means that after 1 September 2019, Liberty fix packs will require at least Java 8 in order for the server to start. To ensure your applications are running in a supported environment for years to come, we recommend moving to the latest Java supported by Liberty — Java SE 8. You can update the Java version for a server by using the IBM Web Administration GUI for i. Select the server, then click the Server->Properties link and you are able to select a Java version from a selection list. If you do not see a suitable version, you will need to install the licensed product that contains the Java version you want.

Features and benefits

The integrated web application server for IBM i is a composable, dynamic, application server for hosting Java applications during development, test, and production.


  • Simple to configure -- The integrated web application server provides an easy to use web administrative GUI front end that you can use to manage and monitor the server and any deployed applications.
  • Small footprint -- The integrated web application server run time loads only what your application needs by using OSGi technology and concepts.
  • Support for many Java technologies.


  • No up-front costs -- The application server is part of the operating system, so you can get services up and running and show tangible results fast.
  • Advanced capabilities -- A comprehensive and proven portfolio of middleware products from the IBM WebSphere family.
  • Focus on core capabilities -- Solution providers do not require new skills or tools for the deployment of Java applications to the application server.

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